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    OS X "Services:" What the???

    ok True but there are tons of stuff in the computing world that no one ever takes advantage of... OpenDoc, PowerTalk, QuickDraw QX, Publish and Subscribe and more but Services isn't a hinderance or stupid like Microsoft Bob! Crap... I'm old!
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    OS X "Services:" What the???

    Services is like the Control Strip! At first no one wrote for it.
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    Long file names on Win2K srvr no show!

    Sorry but the issue is with the server and AppleShare Protocol. On OS X you can login via Samba
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    Survey: What DON'T you like about how OSX behaves?

    On My Finder.... I double click on a Folder and my window opens and the AC falls out. Sorry I couldn't help it.:D Ok, I'll sit down and shut up JNUNEZNYC
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    Does anyone rawcode anymore or what?

    DEATH TO ALL WYSIWYG HTML EDITORS and USERS!!!! LOL As a JavaScript/ASP(stop booing and hissing)/PHP coder I have to work with files given to me by the designers. They usually work with DreamWeaver. JESUS! I usually spend half an hour cleaning up the page before I add my scripts to it...
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    beige g3, pci video accelleration, dvd - osx

    OK I have the PCI card now but haven't been able to test this because my Beige G3 won't keep the Primary monitor settings in X but it will for OS 9. When I connect my PC monitor to the on board video and switch the menu bar from on-board to Rage128 PCI card it works but as soon as I shutdown it...
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    Programing for Mac OS X

    I agree about the help files... What they should do is have them online (Like does) and offline HTML versions. So you can download the latest copy.
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    beige g3, pci video accelleration, dvd - osx

    I am looking for the same thing but I was wondering is if a PC version of the Rage 128 would work since the ATI XPERT 128 16MB PCI is only $43. My brother has a B&W G3 with PCI and has his DVD working on it so I am hoping for the same.
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    Programing for Mac OS X

    I agree with JCart12... If you needed to code software where execution speed is needed Cocoa is a must. But for Development speed RealBasic is king. I have been using RB for 2 + years now and have recently started to learn ObjC and Cocoa. <no flames> Comparing RealBasic to Project Builder...
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    iTunes plug-in

    How about creating a Quicktime plug-in? It seems that iTunes will open any audio file that Quicktime can open.
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    [HOWTO] - Speed up DNS lookups in OSX

    Thanks... NOTE: Don't do this in the wee hours of the morning.... I did and I paid.