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    How to run a script at startup?

    Hello everybody! First of all let me apologize for my *not so good* (not to mean bad) english. I have a little problem here and maybe you Unix guys can help me out. I need to run a script during the Jaguar startup. At the moment, everytime I turn on and log in my iMac I have to open the...
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    SuperDrive overheating

    As Apple says: Burn baby, burn!! :)
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    Can't boot from 9.1 CD. Need Classic on X!!!

    Yes, I tried it all, belive me. I select it from the Startup disk panel and choose to restart. It asked me if I was sure about changing my boot disk and I said yes and restarted. Didn't work. It tries to load the Os from the CD, but it fails and them return to the X system on my HD. The...
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    Can't boot from 9.1 CD. Need Classic on X!!!

    mmm... thank you guys but it didn't work at all. I zapped the PRAM (that keys you told me to be pressed at the startup), heard the two chimes. Restared it again and nothing happened. The strange thing is that it works perfectly with X and X.1 CDs!! Any more ideas? I'm definetly out of them...
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    Can't boot from 9.1 CD. Need Classic on X!!!

    I'm using Mac OS X.1 since it was released but I'm needing to install the Mac OS 9.1 for use in the Classic mode. The problem is that I can't boot from my 9.1 CD that was shipped with my iMac. What's the problem? It doesn't reconizes as a boot disk none of Classic CDs (tried 9.1 and 9.0). I'm...
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    Deleting pics in iPhoto: How??

    Ooopsss... Sorry guys, I was completely wrong. It DOES delete the file.... I've made a few more tests and checked it out. Dumb boy! :)
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    Deleting pics in iPhoto: How??

    I am on an iMac with the pro keyboard. My keyboard does not have the "backspace" key, only the "delete" and the "del" keys. Both keys when pressed shows me the same result. A dialog box comes up with the text: "ALERT Are you sure you want to permanently remove the selected photo from the...
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    Deleting pics in iPhoto: How??

    Well, deleting the highlighted picture deletes the LINK to it, so it won't appear on the albuns anymore. But what I want is to delete the FILE. When I delete the link I cannot see the picture but it keeps eating my hard drive space. As I said before, I cannot remove it manually neither because I...
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    Deleting pics in iPhoto: How??

    How can I delete pictures in iPhoto? I mean, it reorganizes my pictures placing them in folders and renames all of them. So when I try to delete a picture from within iPhoto, i´m just deleting the link. That way the pic will not appear on my albuns anymore, but the file is still there. So I...
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    Macavenger, this one is for you!

    Macavenger, I need to contact you for getting a new login/password to continue with my donwload. You said we could contact you, but how? What's your e-mail? If you don't to publish it here send me one at, ok? Thanks a lot!
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    Macavenger... your FTP

    Macavenger, I'm very thankful for you to be providing an FTP server for downloading X.1. I was downloading it since yesterday and I got disconnect (now I know the reasons, I read up there). So How can I contact you for you to provide a new login/password? I downloaded 240Mb already on a 56K...