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    Frequent (Ethernet) Disconnects

    Did you tried to use different ethernet cable For example use the windows box cable in Macintosh and check
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    Using Mac Terminal to combine .csv files but running into issue.

    In Column A. Row Containing ‘E’. Your data have issue I think it doesn’t have newline mark Try to fix it and it will merge correctly
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    Recover Deleted Photos on Mac?

    EASEUS Is a great recovery software This software is fantastic on data recovery Download MACOS version and use it
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    Keep Procesing (Or Hang???)

    Usually whenever you use internet frequently and visit the kind of spamming entities , it could cause such problems for you, Also it could be a hard disk problem to check the hard disk: Go to Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility and check both sides of the hard disk (Repair Disk Permissions &...
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    collapsing finder windows - vanishing aliases

    If you installed too much data in your desktop it could crash the finder try to move large files to the hard disk and create alises for them