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    Video Thumbnails in Finder

    Have you discovered that if you look at the folder in Column view and highlight a file (one click) you get a preview of the file be it a picture, movie etc. You can play the movie too. All without launching any application. There is nothing in the OS that will show the thumbnail of the file...
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    CD-r for a Powermac 9600

    thanks for the swift reply. It was a taiyo yuden CD-r. A brand I have found to be most reliable. I think its a problem with her tired drive - its not the first time she's had trouble. Thanks for confirming its not a format issue. I'll see if a slow burned CD-r helps - good suggestion. Its...
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    CD-r for a Powermac 9600

    A client of mine still uses a Powermac 9600. I have delivered some data to her on a CD-r I burned on my macpro but she tells me her 9600 does not even see the disk or mount it. A message appears that says the disk is not readable. I burned the disk on my MacPro from the finder (burn folder)...
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    Intellimouse and google conflict?

    Gigi, yes, your set-up works for me too. If right click is set to bring up a "contextual menu" as in the way control-click does I can select "open link in new tab" and expected behaviour occurs. its just when I set my right button to perform a command-click things go wrong:-( I've just...
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    Intellimouse and google conflict?

    I'm really "going off" safari!
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    Intellimouse and google conflict?

    Like your thinking Gig, Just tried your suggestion. I activated "click search result to open link in new page" (or whatever its phrased as) and now when I left click a link it opens in a new window (as expected) but the original google window also goes to that page too!!! The right button click...
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    Intellimouse and google conflict?

    This is a weird one! I have the wireless intellimouse and have configured the right button to work as an "open link in new tab" function in Safari. Its worked fine for months. Just recently and ONLY with google (no really!), when I right click on a google found link the page opens in a new...
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    best ftp app?

    I've been giving Transmit a go for a few days and its proving its self to be very good:-) Thanks guys
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    best ftp app?

    Oops - sorry. You are quite correct, this post shouldn't gone here. Whats done is done though I guess. Thanks for the tips so far:-) Drumhum
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    best ftp app?

    Any thoughts on what is the best FTP application at the moment? I'm thinking freeware/shareware btw. drumhum
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    Space not being made after deleting files

    I've experienced this behaviour before. You really really need to allow at least 10% breathing room on your disk. That 10% is a minimum. Free up the hard disk and run diskutilities, diskwarrior and everything should come back to normal. Fill up your disk and you'll see funny stuff happening no...
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    Edit Dvd On Mac

    Viktor, Its possible to do what you want but its pretty fiddly and time consuming. The format of your camera is not a good choice if you want to edit your movies. I find it frustrating that the manufacturers do not make this clear. The advantage of you camera is that you can take a few shots...
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    Capturing video via firewire to an external firewire hard drive-

    You have two options... Most lacie disk drives (including mine!) have two firewire ports. The extra port is so that you can "daisy chain" to a second drive... or your camera! Assuming you have two ports, just connect your camera to the hard disk and it should be "seen" by the computer. The...
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    QT 7 and itunes type issues

    It seems there are many issues relating to upgrading to Quicktime 7 and often itunes is connected. Is it known what is actually the cause of the problems? From what I gather, folk seem to have problems even after downgrading back to QT6.x. I have not had any issues after these upgrades so are...
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    Burning Firewire Issue ... Panther for life...

    It has been pointed out many times that the new OS ships on DVD. It is on apple website and is written clearly on the box. Apple will supply the Tiger on CD if you send your DVD back to them (look around on apple website for details)