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    User Root Exposed

    But I don't think the average user's going to actually be doing anything with the Terminal or even know what it is. There will probably be no reason to use it, once programs have installers that work and aren't tarred and gzipped. (I've tried extracing those with OS X Stuffit with varying...
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    what a nice!

    Why is there no option to retrieve messages that have already been read?? This is a really useful feature that exists in every other mail app out there. I use different computers for checking my POP accounts. I need to see my old messages for this app to be of any use. I don't like that it's...
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    Setting Column view as default view

    Does anyone know how to set Column view as the default view in the finder? And if so, how do you get it so that hitting a key (e.g. "s") takes you to the files starting with "s" while in Column view? Thanks in advance for your help. -Lex
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    loosing keyboard on wakeup from sleep

    Running a PB G3, 192 MB RAM. 2 HFS + partitions. 5GB OS X, 1GB OS 9 Reformatted from HFS+/UFS last night. Had tons of resource forking problems, but trackpad worked on wake from sleep. After reformat, trackpad doesn't work on wake from sleep. Any suggestions?
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    Office 2001 alternatives?

    Just a brief comment about AppleWorks: It doesn't. At least not for me. It won't let me select a default font or search for anything. Whenever I try, it just crashes. Some other advice: Save frequently. Run the updaters under OS 9, and NEVER use the autorecover. This just corrupts files
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    That won't work. My USB Wacom Intuos tablet will not work. My SCSI devices (ORB drive and Yamaha CDR/RW drive) won't work, because the firmware for my SCSI card is not compatible with OS X. I have an HP laserjet 5P that won't work (Had it left over from my PC days- connected w/ a USB to...