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    connecting to internet and to another mac at the same time

    emac is connected to the modem router via the d-link 811g key emac is also connected to an old imac via the built-in ethernet the old imac is only connected to the emac via the built-in ethernet some details: the d-link modem router has ip address **** emac d-link...
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    connecting to internet and to another mac at the same time

    I had an emac and an old imac. emac and imac are connected througth the normale 10/100 ethernet card. emac has a d-link wireless key to connect to the modem-router. Working on the emac I can't view internet and the imac at the same time. If in Network Port Configuration I give the...
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    Java threads on dual processor/core

    I've no dual core/processor to test it, but I'd like to know if someone of you knows if a simple multithreaded java app takes advantage from multi core/processor. I'm afraid that threads running into the same process goes all on the same core/processor. Can someone confirm that?
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    New Mac Minis and iBooks support core image?

    core image page is now updated and states that 9550 supports core image
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    What are Apple's top 5 current biggest mistakes?

    1) upgrading prices/models every 6 months or more (the candidade switcher that take a look at apple prices in the wrong month probably don't give apple a second chance) 2) too big system upgrade once a year instead of more small upgrade (I hope that after Tiger Apple changes this strategy) 3)...
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    Apple Gaming Division?

    A good idea would be making mac officially and natively compatible with nintendo game cube (that has a ppc and an ati graphic card...).
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    vim and emacs on Tiger, screenshots?

    Tiger, in Unix section, states: Languages All of the standard UNIX utilities and scripting languages are included in Mac OS X: editors such as emacs, vim and even ed; file management tools such as cp, mv, ls and tar; shell scripts including bash (the default shell), tcsh (csh) and zsh. Tiger...
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    Windows File Sharing - The check disappear

    I've not yet tryed a real test, plugged to the network, this week end I'll try it. But it seems strange to me that all other services don't have this problem.
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    Windows File Sharing - The check disappear

    I had this problem in System Preferences/Sharing/Services: as I check "Windows File Sharing" almost immediatly the check disappear. If it don't disappear immediatly as I exit from and enter again in the Services panel the check is off. I've also noticed that in the adiacent Firewall panel the...
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    How burn DVD-RW in ISO 9660 format?

    I need to make a DVD-RW in ISO 9660 format. I've tryed using Finder, DiskCopy, YuBurner and FireStarter but the ones that don't give me errors seem always to make a Mac OS Extended DVD. Can someone help me? With diskcopy there is a way to make an ISO 9660 DVD-RW? I've also tryed to make...
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    How burn DVD-R/RW for a PC from Finder?

    Hi all, I need to burn a DVD-RW for a friend that has a PC. I've only the Finder, no Toast or any other application for burning. The problem is that Finder make the DVD in Mac-OS-Extended format and my friends PC can't read it. There is a way to make a standar ISO DVD from Finder or...
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    How enable colors in Terminal?

    There is a way to enable the text coloring in OSX terminal?
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    I had a problem in installing MySQL on 10.2.5

    I've a problem in installing "MySQL 4.0.12 Darwin Jaguar 10.2.x Binary Distribution" from "" site. I've downloaded the tgz and followed the "Installing MySQL 4.0.12 Binary Distribution" instructions from the command line. The command "sudo...
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    eMac monitor quality

    Can someone tell me if eMac monitor has a good quality at 1280?
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    Any rumors on the next major upgrade cost?

    Phanter will be the next major upgrade. Any rumor on the Apple shipment strategy? Full price like Jaguar or an upgrade price? Most of the new Apple (and non-Apple) applications requires Jaguar... so anyone is forced to pay the entire OS price and get Jaguar. There will be the same for...
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    iPod 2 Speculation

    Yeah, importing from digital camera would be awesome.
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    Blurry text

    Maybe not in this forum, but there are severl discussions on how badly fonts are displayed by osx on a lcd display. I have compared a Compaq laptop with a recent linux distribuition with some Apple laptop exposed on a store, and I must abmit that the text antialiasing active on the compaq...
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    Blurry text

    I've already tryed "defaults write..." solution, but I think this is a workaround and that Apple MUST address this bug. Sorry but for me this is a bug, any pc users note that mac antialiasing sucks.
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    Blurry text

    I've tryed to change the antialiasing level on several apple laptop, but always with no result. I don't se any difference, what's wrong? I've a good sight and I thing that a difference between the lowest and the maximum smooth level must be visible. I think that font is too blurry, there...
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    Ok for "defaults write ..." but, really, I don't see any difference between the four font smoothing levels, I've a good sight and I'm sure that from the lowest to the maximum smooth level a difference must be visible. I've tryed to change this setting on an iBook with a 14" at 1024, where...