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    Block IPs?

    thanks ill have to try them but i dont have Live anymore. I just use xlink cause I modded my xbox and its too much of a pain to play on Live without accidently getting banned. Ill play with you on xlink sometime though. Im usually in the mods and hacks section. I am TunesRus90 there. if you need...
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    Block IPs?

    I have my mac sharing its internet with my xbox which is connected to my mac with a crossover cable. My mac is connected to a wireless router. I successfully configured it so that my xbox can connect to the internet, but theres something else i want to do. I want to be able to block certain...
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    porting .net applications

    I just modded my xbox and am trying to mod the halo game. There are a few programs that aid in this process, but the programs made with the .NET 1.1 framework for windows, and I really want to port to mac os x. However, I have never coded or ported a program before. I know I would have to get...