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    i want a burned copy of os x for backup...

    Well, I had a similar question a few posts ago and no one really offered any decent advice. I too am worried about my 130 dollar investment suddenly getting chewed. So, of course I kept plugging away and now I have finally gotten a bootable burned copy of the OS X CD to work. Here's what I...
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    Bootable OS X CD copy?

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a bootable copy of a Mac OS Install CD (whether it be OSX, 9.1, etc)? I have purchased OS X (gotta support Apple at every possible opportunity, right?) and I tried to make a copy of it in case it ever gets damaged. But, of course I can't boot up...
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    What's the most recent Public Beta version?

    Does anyone know if the Public Beta of OS X being offered by Apple right now is the one with all of the revisions that Jobs showed off at the Macworld Expo or is it the same one that was released last year? Also, is it worth blowing $30 now (1-31-00) on the the beta when the final release is...
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    Broadband via satellite on a Mac?

    Does anyone know if there is a company providing satellite internet access for the mac? I have checked on multiple company sites such as Starband and DirecPC but they only show an offering for Windoze. I'm just outside of Denver city limits and cannot get cable or DSL in my area yet (even...
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    Is 8.6 install possible?

    Is it possible to install 8.6 on a separate partition as opposed to the commonly reffered to OS 9 install? In other words, do you have to have a copy of OS 9 to be able to use OS X public beta?