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    Compiling curl

    I have been trying to build curl versions but have little success. This is the error message: ldap.c: In function `DynaOpen': ldap.c:87: `RTLD_LAZY' undeclared (first use in this function) ldap.c:87: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once ldap.c:87: for each function it appears...
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    Apple Developer Tools  -  10.1(5H16)

    My includes are pooched and the dev tools package for 10.1 won't let me re-install. I don't know why. I refuse to reinstall the entire os for just the dev tools, so I am hoping the new dev tools will wipe out my current install and let everything work again.
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    Apple Developer Tools  -  10.1(5H16)

    McInstigator is right, that's not the reason at all as 10.2 won't be out until MWNY and 10.1.2 won't be out until MWSF. The reason they did that is for load balancing. They wanted to make sure the developers got first crack at it. It certainly does work with 10.1.1. It's better to keep...
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    Apple Developer Tools  -  10.1(5H16)

    Could someone who has the select or premiere membership on download the new dev tools package and mirror it somewhere for a day or two? It's not available otherwise and I need it badly. Thanks in advance!
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    How do I mount a Solaris volume on my Mac OS X desktop?

    There is always SAMBA. Netatalk is decent but it will not export files with more than 31 characters. NFS is probably the most difficult option to set up, and it might not show up on the desktop. In 10.1 it probably will however.
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    Keyboard eject/re-seat

    Press F12 on an older keyboard and all CD trays on your internal/external drives will eject and if you press it again, it will retract.
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    dark3lf's desktop picture

    Sorry, just found this thread :) You can get the custom DTP on my iDisk (dark3lf). Merry xmas!
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    firewall software for os x?

    Download and build <a href="">Port Sentry<a>. It works just like you would want it to, and it stealths your ports. When building, type 'make bsd'. [Edited by dark3lf on 12-25-2000 at 10:14 AM]
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    I've got a working copy of cdrecord. Mount my iDisk (dark3lf).
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    Can I get a free version of MACOS X Beta?What URL?

    You can get your copy of Mac OS X PB here: Enjoy!
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    unix commands

    Either way would work. I don't think there are any easier ways. If you want the shortcuts to work only in the shell, edit .tcshrc or .alias, if you want global access to the shortcuts, use NetInfo.
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    unix commands

    What do y you mean by shortcuts? Some unicies use a file called aliases in /etc, but OSX uses NetInfo so if you have a machine called '' that you would like to use a service on, you go to NetInfo > Machines, copy the localhost setting and set an alias like billsbox. If...
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    First Post! nyah nyah
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    Information about compiling GCC under OSX

    cc is EGCS therefor gcc, type 'cc -v' and you'll see what I mean. Also do 'cd /usr/bin; cp cc gcc' for convenience. And it is already built on the gcc 2.95.2 code. [12:13pm] [/Fatbrain/Incoming]> cc -v Reading specs from /usr/libexec/ppc/2.95.2/specs Apple Computer, Inc. version cc-796.3...
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    Is the Finder carbon?

    Is it a carbon app? It seems to be; it doesn't support the scroll wheel or Services. I really hope these will be implimented in future releases.
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    iomega zip & macosx

    My Zip250 USB drive mounts right up and on the desktop, nothing extra needed. There is no CD writer currently available for MacOS X and I really dont expect one available until well after the final is released.
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    Type 'term', should reset your termcap settings. Also 'which term' for info.
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    How do you fix the problem with the installer or how do you change permissions back to normal? I can't help you with the former, you'll have to talk to Apple about that. With the latter, either use a shell, su to root, and use 'chown' if you're familiar with UNIX commands or log out and log...
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    Download Bitchx to what path?

    Check to get BitchX, all you need to do it click <a href="">here</a>. It includes binaries and documentation. If you have any further questions, ask.
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    MacOS X Screen Saver?!

    What would be really cool is that Matrix screensaver that's on just about every platform.