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    mac osx application updates issue

    hello volunteers, if you can help me out on this one i'd appreciate it greatly. this is probably an issue that's come up before. the last couple of updates for os10.1.1 and 10.1.2 have included application updates as well. but since i had moved the applications from the original locations...
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    partitioning disk (help a new guy!)

    thanks test user© i do know what you mean© i'm a unix user that knows that full disks really do become annoying© but worked like a charm© i'm a newbie that has some learning to do© thanks!
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    partitioning disk (help a new guy!)

    hello all! i've got a new ibook with a 20gb drive and i'm having a problem partitioning my disk. when i load the disk utility in os9 or osx it tells me "can't initialize disk" i'm at a loss. i haven't installed anything or done anything yet. any help would be appreciated!!!! thanks ;)