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    Transfer old SMS from iphone 3g to iphone 4

    Hi, I recently got an iPhone 4 to replace my old 3g. Since the 3g had been jailbroken (i needed to keep it usable before i got a new phone) i didn't want to setup the new iphone 4 from an existing backup. Basically i wanted to start fresh. Since i have my ical, address book...
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    macaccess installer / install.pkg / OSX.JAHLAV.A

    All good now - Thanks :-) Macworld article on Trojan was accurate, no problem.
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    AFP shares and Error Code -35

    Solution found. Locate your GlobalPreferences.plist (there will be 1 or 2, in user or syste prefs) Open it in the prefs editor and remove the Sharing dictrionary. Works a treat and all going well now :)
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    AFP shares and Error Code -35

    I am having this same problem! the strange thing is my AFP works on some servers but not on my work ones. Im befuddled and need a fix, any ideas?
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    Denial of Service attack? on a Mac?

    I would hazard a guess that if you dont know about ports, then your router is probably in a relatively standard configuration (unless you live with tech people who keep fiddling with it). One thing you could get and try and maybe should have (i swear by it...not at it) is Little Snitch...
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    [how to] change the computer's name?

    The important one is in Preferences under Sharing Preference. There you can set your computer name. If you have a few networked machines you can go to Applications > Utilities > Directory Access and there set the bindings and names for other network protocols like LDAP and suchlike. I...
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    Installing Linux

    Have you tried restarting with the CD in the drive and holding down C while it boots?
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    considering moving to mac : powerbooks

    Actually it seems there are small varying levels of Education Discount. Yeah your Dad could totally get it for you. 15" combo is :£1269 standard You WILL need more ram, get that from cruical, i did and it arrived next day! Your dad might get a slightly bigger discount. All he...
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    considering moving to mac : powerbooks

    Not sure how Apple would feel about it either :P Bear in mind that if you are in any sort of education, then providing them with some proof of that is enough to get a student discount. I just had to scan in my Student Card and email it to them.
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    considering moving to mac : powerbooks

    Well the only snag is im in the UK, and im guessing youre not, so postage would be huge i think. Education discount is for those in Education (Higher Education as far as im aware, such as college or university) Discounts vary, but a powerbook 12" Combo standard is: £964 Powerbook 15"...
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    considering moving to mac : powerbooks

    Ill buy you one through my education discount :P lol
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    email program for mac osx

    Its true, it is basic :) but i don't think id ever use anything else. I find it just right, reliable, stable... Plus there are good plugins for it out there :) if you ever do need more from it. Also like the way PGP works with it. I used to use Eudora and Entourage, not going back. But...
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    Making my AirPort network as strong as possible

    I know this is common but also hiding your SSID so that scans with apps such as KisMac dont pick it up means you are less likely to be found unless someone knows the name of your network. I out of curiosity had a look around my area in my car with KisMac (for those of you that don't know...
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    iSync Update

    Youre lucky! :) my z1010 that always worked now wont sync properly :P
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    iSync Update

    Right, there is an udpdate for iSync. To be honest, it doesnt seem to improve things for me. The "-" appearing in my phone address book is still happening, i am also still unable to sync directly from the toolbar icon. Then the last issue is it doesnt actually seem to sync properly! All...
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    iSync and phone problem

    I tired just now, im getting them dumped into the main group, then i have to add them manually to my phone group. Hence why im just letting it sync the lot, its not like the phone doesnt have the space for them.
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    IBM G5 Dual-Core 2.5 ghz

    The Register says... Well to be honest i agree with the view that one way or another new chips would appear, with or without Apple. It certainly seems like a step in the right direction for IBM, but i still think they have plenty of hurdles to overcome.
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    iSync and phone problem

    Actually it occured to me that this is my second post about iSync, is it just me or is it rather flakey at the moment??
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    iSync and phone problem

    Although im not having the same group sync problem as you, i AM having the REALLY annoying "-" problem with my z1010 and my K750...... ....anyone got any ideas how to sort that?
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    P800 Sync With Isync

    Please be aware that the P800, P900 and P910 are not standard Sony Ericsson phones, they use the Symbian Os. The sync should work without additional software, but you wont be able to send SMS from the address book. Also with my P800 the processes for calendar and phonebook needed to be...