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  1. potter__

    OSX Blunder

    The Del. Comm. Option, Shift is called DOCS. It is used to boot off of the first available firewire drice. However, I guess in you case it is booting off the first drive that contains an OS. - Try just holding the Shift key (safe boot) if that works, change your settings back the first chance...
  2. potter__

    iWork 2005

    I am suprised nobody has noted the compatibility with the Adobe products. iWork has on one of it’s main pages the fact that is can work with EPS and PSD files directly out of PS and ILLY. Also I just want to note that I am kind of put off that Apple used the name iWork seeing as it is also the...
  3. potter__

    East european Font

    Switch to InDesign.
  4. potter__

    Internet Sharing with OS 10.2 Server

    Unfortunatly, no, I have not found an answer to the problem. However, I have heard that there is a script that you can get that allows it. Apparently the OS doesn’t have and GUI form of internet sharing and you have to do it through the Terminal. I don’t know where to find the script and I have...
  5. potter__

    iTunes - Pepsi is a FARCE, a LIE, and a SHAME

    I live in Toronto, Ontario and because of the copyright laws, (we can download music but it illigal to upload it) there is no access to music store! The huge campaign that pepsi is putting on is totally useless up here. Have fun downloading… :mad:
  6. potter__

    graphics creating in vector based programs

    Friend and I do designs together and she does most of the illustrations. here is a sample of one of her most recent works. (Give a tip guys: do original in Illy and bring into Photoshop to blend layers together.) P.S. She says bring your scene into photoshop and have fun nb3004 and add...
  7. potter__

    Adding hard drive to Power Mac G4 733 Mac OS X

    Most brands work right out of the box. I have currently 4 HD's in my comp and no CD. I use my laptop for reading and burning... If I need the Rom, I just take a drive out and rom back... But as for your problem... there should be little to no issues with dropping in a new drive. If your drive...
  8. potter__

    How is Quark 6.0

    Don't waste your money. There have been documented bugs within Quark that not only bloat the files it creates but also corrupts them. The shortcuts have changed in some of the most basic commands (such as "Save as" is NOT Command-shift-s, that command does "Add a faux shadow to the text") On...
  9. potter__

    Quark 6 + Suitcase X1 + OS X = Printing Problem

    Best thing to do when printing in quark is to just print to a post script file and use Acrobat Distiller to convert it to a PDF, I know Quark says it can make PDF's natively but they are large and bloated, that and they aren't true PDF files, If you save as PS and distill, make sure you use a...
  10. potter__

    Help! Remotely Connecting via Internet with Apple Remote Desktop

    Try using a service by You can sign up for a free service that allows you a domain name with a small variety of <YOURNAME>.XXXXX.<abrev> such as: Then you just get a client from versiontracker and set that up to your main computer. This way whenever you...
  11. potter__

    Internet Sharing with OS 10.2 Server

    How much I do appreciate your trying, unfortunatly I know all of that already. I am using 10.2 SERVER... Within the server there is little options for sharing other then like print and 2 other things, no tabs. I heard a rumour that you can do it through the terminal and that there is no GUI way...
  12. potter__

    Mailing List

    If you drag and drop address book cards into a new group such as "spam forward 1" and just type that into the 'to:' line in mail.... everything gets filled in. Just don't add me to a list like that one :p Cheers,
  13. potter__

    Animated gifs

    You can create a flash animation in Illustrator just as easy as you can make a gif in Imageready. So it depends on what you want to create it for... You simply create layers for every cell you want (ie: copy layer and slightly move, copy layer again ... etc...) then exoprt as swf with layers...
  14. potter__

    Internet Sharing with OS 10.2 Server

    I previously had 10.2 Server running on my main comp but could never get the network to allow internet to my laptop. I know that there is no GUI doesn't have any support for it and there is nothing in the help PDF. I was hoping that someone here may have a solution to my problem. The...
  15. potter__

    Grey Screen... Thats it... nothing else...

    I have had several logic boards replaced in it... and yes I was one of the people who had that batch of faulty boards. But when you get to the point where your computer is in the shop being repaired for the Xth time and applecare runs out, (they still covered everything), that you turn to other...
  16. potter__

    Grey Screen... Thats it... nothing else...

    Well, it is back up and running after leaving it for another few hours... took about 18 hours for it to come back to working bootable condition... I have no idea what is wrong or what I can do to prevent it, but if anybody else has a similar problem, just wait it out.
  17. potter__

    Grey Screen... Thats it... nothing else...

    I hope somebody here can help me cause I have gone through 4 logic boards, 3 track pads and a screen. I love apple from the start, hell I own 2 and I am a sarving student... But every once and a while my laptop goes well, a little funky. I don't do anything out of the ordinary with it, it...
  18. potter__

    10.3 Back-Up Tool

    Quite recently I needed to re-install my OS (only to clean the system). However, I had a spare 30gig drive sitting around (don't ask) and I pondered to myself, "Self, how can I make it so that my laptop is copied onto this 30 gigger." I promise, this is going somewhere. So in my new found quest...