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  1. jbarley

    A Message To Developers.

    As shown in the photo my MacPro3,1 is running High Sierra and it runs very well I must say. This is the Link I used to install High Sierra, installation was a piece-O-cake. Edit: just did the latest update from the App Store. High Sierra 10.13.1
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    Goodbye Startup Bong

  3. jbarley

    What If There's No New Macpro Announced On 27th October ?

    There's always the "dark side" which seems more then willing to support your needs both with top quality highly customizable hardware and a first rate operating system, if you can believe the masses..
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    System Preferences Window Cutoff

    Sorry, please excuse me for trying to help.
  5. jbarley

    System Preferences Window Cutoff

    This is a stretch, but anything is worth a try. Under the System Preference menu->View->Customize, temporarily hide most of the lower pref panes and see if that might shrink the Preference window. If it does then re-position the window and unhide the panes you hid previously. edit: something...
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    Maybe A New Site Is Needed

    might as well get used to it right from the start, it is mac (lower case) OS (upper case), anything else don't mean squat!
  7. jbarley word association!

  8. jbarley word association!

  9. jbarley word association!

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    Can You Count To

    I would beg to differ, if Trump wins, we're all losers...:(
  11. jbarley word association!

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    Cd/dvd Eject On Mac Keyboard No Longer Works - El Capitan

    I use Free a little app called "Spark" that lets me program the Function keys and any other key combo I choose, This app will re-program any key or combo of keys to open the optical drive.
  13. jbarley

    Cd/dvd Eject On Mac Keyboard No Longer Works - El Capitan

    press and hold the Cmd key, then click on it and drag it from the menubar
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Janis Joplin, - "Cry Baby"
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    Wanted: Cheap Laptop

    Congratulations, you win the "NecroPost" award for reviving an 8 year old post.
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    Open File By Name?

    I find this behavior odd, on my system (El-Capitan) a search in a Finder window defaults to searching in that Folder with a choice to select the whole system. I've added a photo for clarity.
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    How Can I Get Apple Mail Backedup On My Hard Drive?

    Check out the applications listed here...
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    Why I'll never use

    Actually I had something else in mind, more like this photo.
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    Why I'll never use

    Wouldn't compute without one, and you wait and see, if "Trump" gets elected there will be a major rush on foil.:(