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    register me also please
  2. mwesterl

    How much RAM?

    G4, 733MHz 640 (128+256+256)MB Ram
  3. mwesterl

    [HOWTO] - Setup PHP & MySQL

    Ola People, I've got a big problem activating PHP on my OSX10.2 Apache. When I follow the steps and want to restart my apache it give the following problem: [westerlaak:/etc/httpd] martijn# apachectl restart /usr/sbin/apachectl: line 171: 1419 Trace/BPT trap $HTTPD -t >/dev/null...
  4. mwesterl

    OmniWeb SneakyPeeks are chronically slow.. Why???

    Same problems. I'm using the Beta version. I hope and think, omnigroup wil handle the problems.
  5. mwesterl

    Install and run MySQL

    Take a look on: There is a complete manual for installing MySQL on OSX. And it works :-)
  6. mwesterl

    SSH and FTP login very slow

    I have a problem with SSH and FTP. Both login procedures are slow. When I want to login with SSH, the question for my login name is there immediately. I give my name, and I must wait for 15 seconds for the password question. When I logged in, there are no problems. It runs super fast, but...