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  1. belld155

    Afp Protocol

    What version of Netware are you using?
  2. belld155

    Edirectory Ladp Authentication

    No matter how hard you try you need to do things at the server end. Just to name a few you need to extend the schema, map the correct class and attribute mappings, add the correct extensions to your users, etc. etc. After all of that is finished (it is a little easier than it sounds) you need...
  3. belld155

    Netware and user accounts

    After about a year of research, tinkering, and dumb luck I have exactly what you want working. It requires no extra cost or software that does not ship with Apple or Netware 6.5, but it is time consuming and pretty technical. If you'd like more info let me know. :D
  4. belld155

    compatibilty with Novell server

    You should talk to your Netware administrator. It sounds like your Netware box might need to be patched with the latest NFAP fixes.
  5. belld155

    Mapping to a Novell 6.5 volume

    Your first step is to see if your Netware box is even allowing Macintosh access. Have you configured your Netware volumes to be visible and available to Apple clients?