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  1. christopher94523

    searching for a Microsoft-free RAID1 system

    I tried the bug-ridden NetGear ReadyNAS Duo and sent it back after Support's addendums to their setup-lacking documentation all failed. I would like to find a two-bay one drive mirroring the other RAID1 box that has no: SAMBA SMB Active Directory CIFS TotalNET...
  2. christopher94523

    HW/SW and Steps to Converting A/V: Analog to Digital

    Like many of you I have a vast and "already paid for" collection of amnalog media that I have the desire and legal RIGHT to convert to usable format. of course, corporate lawyers monger fear but my original purchase contract gives me the right to play, convert, and transfer what I paid for as...
  3. christopher94523

    Readiris not seeing plug-ins/Twain

    system: iMac G5 with 2GB RAM operating system: MacOSX v10.4.2 scanner: Epson Perfection 1250 Epson driver: v2.65A Installed scanner software Rebooted Ran a scan - fine Installed Readiris Pro v9.0r12 Rebooted Aliased Applications>Adobe Photoshop CS2>Import/Export>Twain.plugin --Put...