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  1. porteous


    Is anyone else having trouble accessing FaceTime? I’ve tried registering using my old .mac account, and even tried substituting the newer .me domain, with no success whatsoever. It doesn’t appear to recognise me. The activity wheel just seems to go on round for ever. I’ve tried registering...
  2. porteous

    Outgoing Mail and Thoughts on Leopard

    I think I'm going to wait a month or two before I get Leopard. The more I hear, the more it seems that there are bugs to be ironed out - and I will certainly have to get an external drive to back everything up to in order to do a clean install....
  3. porteous

    Missing iPod library

    Thanks for the response, Nixgeek. It seems likely that the problem is indeed related to plugging two different iPods into the same computer, albeit under two different user accounts. What puzzles me is that it was the iPod music that appeared to be deleted, not that in my son's iTunes...
  4. porteous

    Missing iPod library

    No replies? Can anyone help - even if by referring us to an answer on a previous thread? Please?
  5. porteous

    Discontinued sales of iSight, eMac, AirPort Base Station, etc. in the EU

    This is not the first completely daft legislation that the EU in Brussels has produced, as most of us Europeans already know.... What is interesting is that it only seems to be the northern European nations who take these ridiculous regulations seriously. Those in southern Europe seem to get...
  6. porteous

    Missing iPod library

    I am puzzled. My son's iPod mysteriously appears to have deleted all of his music (approx 12 Gb), which does not show up in either iTunes or on the iPod itself. He has a 20Gb click-wheel version standard iPod, and is running it on Mac OSX. It seems that the music files are actually still there...
  7. porteous

    Colour selection in 10.4 Tiger

    Yes - that would be the one. I never did know what that was for.... :o
  8. porteous

    Colour selection in 10.4 Tiger

    OK - thanks. You've helped solve it. I was having problems with formatting text in - couldn't get my old distinctive Navy Blue for my signature. I checked out TextEdit and dicovered that all options were available there, as before. All I needed to do in Mail was to click that...
  9. porteous

    iLife 05 CD contents?

    iPhoto - that's what I've just discovered I need.... Having taken my digital photos of my holiday, I went to download them to my brand new 10.4 Tiger - only to discover, well - iPhoto wasn't there! After a few minutes of panic I discovered that the files from the previous iPhoto albums...
  10. porteous

    Colour selection in 10.4 Tiger

    I don't think this has been covered elsewhere.... Since upgrading to Tiger, I seem unable to specify unique colours for type, etc, in the way that I have been used to - up until 10.3. All I seem to be able to do is choose one of the pre-selected colours from the Apple 'crayon' set - instead...
  11. porteous

    Panther STILL Rules Over Tiger?

    I'm glad that it works OK with 512Mb - I've had trouble with my old 256Mb iMac G3 (see this post) and am about to upgrade to 640Mb. So (hopefully) it should perform better.
  12. porteous

    'Restart your computer' message

    No Beta software afaik, Convert. Thank you all for your very practical suggestions to this problem, especially to elander and trickey. Looks like (one way or another) I'm going to have to part with some cash!
  13. porteous

    'Restart your computer' message

    No new hardware - just Tiger. What's the solution? - as this seems definitely related to installing the new OS - would it be worth reinstalling? What else can I do? - is it worth considering upgrading the machine - more RAM, new hard drive, etc - could it be that the machine's spec is just...
  14. porteous

    'Restart your computer' message

    Has any one else had this since installing Tiger? I can be doing anything on the computer when, for some reason, the screen dims (just like in Dashboard), and an official looking message appears on screen reading: "You need to restart the computer. Hold down the Power button for several...
  15. porteous

    does anyone USE spotlight?

    I've only had Tiger for four days, and have had hardly any time within that to really get to grips with it. But Spotlight has already proved invaluable (unlike Dashboard, which imho seems a bit like 'boys toys'). I have a large number of text documents on my machine, some of which are...
  16. porteous

    Beta Test our Chat Room!

    Looks good. No-one there when I looked in, so I'll try again later.
  17. porteous

    New tiger build

    It's all very interesting - as are the various snippets of information about Tiger on the AppleInsider site. But can anyone remind me when Tiger is due to finally make an appearance - or hazard an ducated guess? Clearly it will be somewhat later here in the UK than in the States - but all...
  18. porteous

    New feel is restrictive

    Let's hear from the designers of the Forum - is this being discussed anywhere else? I couldn't find a discussion on any other thread.... I assume that the type size - which is a little large at most resolutions is designed for those who have their monitor set to a higher resolution - ie, the...
  19. porteous

    New feel is restrictive

    Well done on the new look and feel. It looks great. Yes - perhaps a few glitches such as Jeffo has mentioned above - but, overall, very professional and user-friendly. Obviously the product of much hard work - it's appreciated.
  20. porteous

    Passwords on OSX

    Sorry to have been so long in getting back to you. Thank you, gsarff and homealone - I think you're both close to describing some of the things that have been happening. However, now that I'm thinking a bit more rationally, I have to say that in the majority of occasions it is not