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  1. macman60

    safari sloooooooowwwww!

    Are you using any 3rd party Safari app's ex: Safari Enhancer 2.6.4, Safari Menu 2.2.4 also in the Safari Pref's turn off in AutoFill Other Form's, Empty Cache under the Safari logo, also if you have any download accelarator's iGetter X 2.4, Speed download what I would do is use the finder or my...
  2. macman60

    Control-click Always On

    Have you downloaded any software that would enable a one button mouse to do this like Tiger Cache, etc. and also have you restarted your Mac with the Shift-Return keys held until you see the gray sprocket gear spinning upon a start-up or restart with a gray background if you hold these 2 keys...
  3. macman60

    Sidebar Desktop Icons Are Back

    Ok I thought by putting away the Virtual PC Startup item made the Desktop icons go away if you didn't read my 1st post when I go to Finder>Pref's and try to put a check beside the word Desktop so it shows up in my Sidebar it will not let me yet when I unstuff something or go to save if I look I...
  4. macman60

    Os 10.4.2 And Icons In My Sidebar

    I found the problem and you may want to keep this issue on file: Virtual PC had put a file into my Library>Startup Items Fldr. Took it out no problems this file some how puts itself into my Startup fldr. and I read where it stopped one guy from being able to get on the web via cable modem...
  5. macman60

    Os 10.4.2 And Icons In My Sidebar

    Recently I started missing icons in my Sidebar of which I have custom icons on just about every folder on my G4 and I put them in the Sidebar for easy access and all of a sudden the icons in the Sidebar only started turning into generic folders and then files started missing and PDF's I have...
  6. macman60

    Safari 2.0.1 Autofill Problem

    Do you have your complete address setup in Apple OS X Address Book ?
  7. macman60

    Looking for time tracking tool
  8. macman60

    Slow Performance

    I have a G4/500mhz and I maxed the ram out and also bought a OWC Mercury 1.2ghz processor upgrade and believe it or not in my readings in the Mac community they are saying that Adobe runs better with less ram than more, now take into account these are G5's they are talking about but with my...
  9. macman60

    FS-2x 256mg Ram Pulled From Working G4/500mhz

    1 set of ram 256mgs 168 pin each pulled from working G4/500mhz guranteed No DOA total of Ram = 512mgs $35.00 + S&H from Zip Code 29642[CENTER][B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=7]
  10. macman60

    FS - G4/500mhz Processor W/Heat-Sync No DOA

    Pulled G4/500mhz Processor and Heat-Sync replaced with OWC 1.2ghz Processor Upgraded Card guaranteed No DOA will take $50.00 + S&H[CENTER] ::ha:: [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=7][B]
  11. macman60

    OS 9, Network 12 port Hub Or Switch adding Cable/DSL Router

    Hi, I have several Macs and 2 are running OS 8.5 and one is running OS 8.6 and the last Mac G3 is running OS 9.2.2. and I have a PC running Win/98. What have done is to run Cat5 (Ethernet) plates to a Cat5E Switch box which connects all the ethernet cables to a numbered box so you can then run...