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  1. Dougiamas

    speaking of FTP clients on Mac OS X...

    No, it isn't. That's one of things I like about it. :-) I've been using FTP for 17 years and a few aliases can make things VERY fast. GUIs are overrated.
  2. Dougiamas

    speaking of FTP clients on Mac OS X...

    yafc (yet another ftp client) is my favourite. It supports sftp over ssh. You can get it via fink, or:
  3. Dougiamas

    Wallpaper from XP?

    That's just the same file scaled up! (I should post a 102400 x 76800 version) :-)
  4. Dougiamas

    Wallpaper from XP?

    heh heh :)
  5. Dougiamas

    Wallpaper from XP?

    Presumably they just change it as soon as possible to something more classy.
  6. Dougiamas

    Wallpaper from XP?

    Don't be sad ... any time you see a Windows box with that wallpaper - they are using the 800x600 image, scaled up. You wanted the XP look - you got it. No, I don't use the XP images as my wallpaper ... my current one is this:
  7. Dougiamas

    Wallpaper from XP?

    No, because ALL the default wallpaper images on XP are only 800x600. Sad, eh?
  8. Dougiamas

    Wallpaper from XP?

    This one? (I converted the BMP to JPG)
  9. Dougiamas

    Mozilla 1.0 - Release Candidate 1

    Actually these builds you've pointed out ARE NOT Mozilla 1.0 RC 1. They are the nightly builds towards RC1, which will be released sometime next week.
  10. Dougiamas

    Chimera (cocoa mozilla) screenshot

    Switch to the "Modern" theme (the default is "Classic").
  11. Dougiamas

    Mac - X - Windows Network

    You could buy a Celeron PC box for under A$1000, including 2 x 60Gb hard drives set up in a safe mirrored raid config. Use Redhat Linux (easy and fast) ... it has Samba and Atalk built-in. I just did this for my home server, and my Windows and Powerbook are happily using the Linux disks...
  12. Dougiamas

    Are there any MySQL installs that actually work?

    I highly recommend using Fink to install MySQL (and PostgreSQL). All the things I usually install on Unix systems are already there in Fink, debugged and ready to go. Easy peasy. Cheers, Martin
  13. Dougiamas

    System freeze after connecting!

    Well well well. After two days of working fine, the crashes returned with a vengeance, in fact worse than ever. It got to the point where it wouldn't even boot past the gray screen. I tried testuser's suggestions, and what do you know : I had a bad RAM chip! And the moral of the story...
  14. Dougiamas

    System freeze after connecting!

    Thanks testuser, but after 24 hours with no crashes on my setup, it appears my problem of random hangs at least is fixed. As I linked to above, it had to do with having carbon applications in the list of programs to launch on login. A bad bug to be sure, but I can do without them. Perhaps...
  15. Dougiamas

    System freeze after connecting!

    Hmmm, seem to have solved this one, I think. Look on Apple Discussions at the topic "Apps won't launch in 10.1.1"^1@.efc644d
  16. Dougiamas

    System freeze after connecting!

    I've started having system freezes too. Mine aren't anything to do with web browsers, though. Sometimes it's when I'm waking the Powerbook from sleep, sometimes it seems to be when Classic is booting, sometimes it's while I'm staring at a word processor trying to think of what to write next...
  17. Dougiamas

    Jaguar - Mac OS X 10.2

    1. PCMCIA support. 2. PCMCIA support. 3. PCMCIA support. A "digital hub" should let you connect PCMCIA storage cards like Compact Flash and memory sticks. 10.1 doesn't yet support this feature in Powerbooks (although it worked great in OS 9).
  18. Dougiamas

    Mounting NFS Volumes Persistent with OSX and NetInfo

    NFS mounting is fine but just try getting the mounted NFS volumes to appear normally to Mac applications. They appear with names like <nfs-1001> <nfs-1002> etc Very un-Mac-like and impossible to use when you have a lot of them open at once.
  19. Dougiamas

    Let's benchmark our hard drives with this test...

    On a standard Powerbook 400 (Firewire/Pismo) using the 6 gig internal: 3.883614 Mb/sec write 8.738133 Mb/sec read
  20. Dougiamas

    After the 10-19-01 security update

    I forgot to add these error messages that are coming up (on the Console log) when Classic hangs: Oct 21 21:28:42 localhost WindowServer[69]: CGXGetDisplayTransferByTable Oct 21 21:28:42 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic