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    Printing HP Ink jets also PowerPrint

    How are you trying to print to the Select 360? According to Apple, the Laserwriter Select 360 is supported in OSX. If you're trying to print from your serial port/localtalk, I wouldn't be surprised that it didn't work, since I don't think Apple's supporting these ports. However, if you search...
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    Scruffy, you were right. Some of the config.guess (maybe config.sub too) weren't aware of darwin. I substituted current ones for the old ones and everything started going along great. Then it couldn't find malloc.h, but I found a file labelled this elsewhere in OSX. Don't know if I'm...
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    Has Anybody tried to install AbiWord yet. (From AbiSource). I went to and downloaded a copy of almost everything there. I put them all in my home directory, and did the following %cd /users/lotrfan/abi (tried to do ./configure...