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  1. G3User

    Canon i960 &printing Business Cards

    Dear Macosx, I have a Canon i960 printer. I've never had any trouble with it before. For some reason, when i go to print my business cards they come out dull with visible lines through them. I use the Avery Ivory Matte perforated card stock, and print from a template in Word. Never had a...
  2. G3User

    iWeb: transferring previous site

    Dear Macosx, I want to transfer my iWeb site from my desktop mac to my laptop. I backed up everything from my desktop G4 onto an external HD, and from that, copied all the data in my User Folder/Sites into the same folder on my laptop. Then, on the old profile i went into...
  3. G3User

    iTunes: Transfer Playlists

    Worked! Thank you Satcomer.
  4. G3User

    iTunes: Transfer Playlists

    Dear, i recently bought a macbook pro, and copied much of my information from my desktop G4 profile over... my Mail works great. All my iTunes music loaded, just not the playlists i assembled. I have that old profile as an alternate User profile on this Macbook, i'd just like to...
  5. G3User

    MacBook battery: Is This Battery Dead?

    I have a battery from an older MacBook I'm trying to use as a backup with my new MacBook. They are both white, same size, both Intel Macs. The battery certainly fits. The problem is, it shows no bars even after charging for a while. The percentage says zero and doesn't change even after 45...
  6. G3User

    Wordpress blog: add photo to sidebar

    Hi! I have been customizing my wordpress blog theme from within the theme editor. Things are going great, and I have them just about the way I want them. My wordpress blog, by the way, is installed at my own website. The reason why I am writing: I want to add a photo to the sidebar area...
  7. G3User

    iWeb: links text too dark.

    Hi. Once I take a word and make it into a link in iWeb, the text is too dark, and difficult to read unless the background is white... Is there something I can do about this? Can i change the the color of the word that is also the link? I'm not sure how. Thanks so much, Chris
  8. G3User

    email forwarding: new address

    Hi. I have a new domain name, a new website I have built, and am uploading the website to my host, Dreamhost. The domain is through This is a business website, and I want it to have a discrete email specific to the website. This is not a personal website, and I intend to...
  9. G3User

    iWeb can incorporate adsense and such?

    Hi! I have built two new websites recently, one up and running the other close to, and I have been doing research on the web about how to generate revenue. Since neither of my sites are porn sites, I will have to find ways to attract visitors... and begin installing ads. Can we...
  10. G3User

    iMovie 04 with audio from Logic

    Hi! I am having great luck filming video with my mini DV camcorder, and importing into iMovie 04. I simultaneously record this audio in Logic, which is, of course, much better quality. I intend to mix down the audio from Logic and import into iMovie, and move it till the audio is synced...
  11. G3User

    iMovie 06 quitting

    Hi. Is there a known issue with iMovie 06? I just installed a new hard drive and I can boot from it. I installed iLive 06 on that... and fortunately not on my original drive, as iMovie 06 keeps crashing! It's disconerting; I was hoping to start new projects with iMovie 06, and open older...
  12. G3User

    Sony camcorder to iMovie: sync to audio?

    Hi! Please allow me to try and explain what I intend to do. I will own a Sony camcorder soon, (30 gig Hard drive type). I intend to play and sing over stuff I have already multitracked and mixed in Logic Pro 7. My live performance, over the top of that, I intend to capture with the Sony...
  13. G3User

    permissions for copying library

    Greetings, Macosx. I periodically back up my system and User library. in doing so today, i was able to copy User library to the external HD, but i keep getting an error with the system library saying: you do not have permission to copy certain items. I tried repairing permission with Onyx...
  14. G3User

    Horizontal lines in Word

    I have a word document with some bold horizontal lines in various places. I want to delete them, but don't know how. Can you help? Thank you! Christopher
  15. G3User

    DVD player

    Greetings macosx. Is there a way to setup the bookmarks in DVD player so that i can use a command to get to a bookmark? Currently, i have to use the mouse and select it. Thanks so much! Christopher
  16. G3User

    Shared folder for Virtual PC and OS X

    Greetings. I sometimes use VirtualPC on my G4 desktop OS 10.4.7. Is there a way to set up a shared folder, that each OS can see? Currently, i have to burn a given file to a CD from my Mac to get Windows XP to see it. Thanks so much! Christopher
  17. G3User


    Greetings Mac os X. Just today, i downloaded and began using eDonkey, for Mac OS X. If i see a list of files, are those all owned by other Mac users? Or does the network connect to all users, which would mean a lot of PC files? Thanks so much!
  18. G3User


    Greetings Mac os X. Just today, i downloaded and began using eDonkey, for Mac OS X. If i see a list of files, are those all owned by other Mac users? Or does the network connect to all users, which would mean a lot of PC files? Thanks so much!
  19. G3User

    Persistent Ram Disc: help, please!

    Greetings Mac OSX. I do audio, and though i also have my application (Logic Audio) in a version for 10.4, i want to work in 9.2 (dual boot machine here, my G4 power mac desktop) until i can afford to purchase some plug ins, etc for the OS X version. My issue is: i had to take out two 512...
  20. G3User

    Crash... Email?

    Greetings. My G4 power mac desktop (using 10.4) keeps crashing... i think it MAY be a ram issue, haven't isolated it yet. I realize that's the larger problem but for now: Often as i'm downloading to Netscape 7 my email from Verizon, the computer crashes. What's maddening is that after...