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  1. iPenguin

    Audio .mov to .mp3 how to convert?

    I could be wrong, but it you select the .mov in iTunes and select "Convert selections to mp3" (or it might say AAC, or AIFF depending on what your import settings are) under the "Advanced" menu it should convert the mov into an mp3.
  2. iPenguin

    Downloading Mp3 Files

    This happens to me too, and it's really annoying. The way to get around it is to go back to the original link to the mp3, right click, or control click it, and in the menu, select "download linked file." Then it will download the whole file, not just the 4kb thing...
  3. iPenguin

    Leopard to Feature Redesigned Finder

    I've mentioned this once before in another thread, but it's relevant here too, so I guess I'll mention it again, for anyone looking for a replacement for windowshade functionality, Geekbind: has a "fade window" key command that gets the frontmost window...
  4. iPenguin

    Easiest way to drag internet images into iphoto?

    In Tiger, with Safari 2.0 (and maybe even earlier, but I don't think so...) you can just control click the image and select "Add Image to iPhoto Library."
  5. iPenguin

    Features you didn't know about

    Sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but I just read through this one, and thought I'd recommend an app for those of you seeking to quickly get the frontmost window out of the way to see what's going on behind it. GeekBind is a app that allows you to manipulate windows in all sort of ways...
  6. iPenguin

    Any way to keep external HD items in sidebar permanently? (10.4)

    One of my major annoyances when upgrading to 10.4 is the way that it now handles items located on my external hard drive that I put in the Finder's sidebar. Previously, in 10.3, when the drive was ejected, any of it's items that were in the sidebar would turn into generic folder icons, which...
  7. iPenguin

    Can Apple Give a Straight Answer?

    So, my original question stills stands: Is it alright if I leave my powerbook like this all the time? Or should I put it to sleep (or shut it down) sometimes, just to be safe?
  8. iPenguin

    Can Apple Give a Straight Answer?

    The display goes to sleep after thirty minutes, but the the computer itself is set to "never" sleep. Or does that not make any difference, with the "spin hard-drive down" option checked?
  9. iPenguin

    Can Apple Give a Straight Answer?

    Here's another question: I almost never shut-down or sleep my powerbook (the screen goes to sleep after 30 minutes, and the "spin hard-drive down when possible" checkbox is checked, but I never really set it to sleep completely), is that alright? Or should I really be sleeping it or shutting it...
  10. iPenguin

    Silly visual menubar glitch

    "Butler" used to have hot corners that looked like that.
  11. iPenguin

    External HD not mounting...

    Hi everyone, So... I've got a Lacie 160GB D2 external hard drive, that up until recently worked without a hitch. Suddenly though, it stopped mounting. I was reinstalling Quicktime 7 after I had reverted to Quicktime 6.5 in attempt to get my Quicktime 7 sound working (which incidentally it...
  12. iPenguin

    dashboard question ... can it coexist with the finder ?

    I don't have Tiger yet, but this hint was just posted at :
  13. iPenguin

    Quick Time 7

    Well... hmm. The sample H.264 movie trailers that Apple put up look really nice, but I can't seem to hear them... Anyone else having any problems with H.264 and no sound? Edit: Actually, it seems that Quicktime 7 doesn't want to play any sound, for any of my movies, except for certain .mpg...
  14. iPenguin

    Hide Desktop Icons?

    Try Desktop Sweeper:
  15. iPenguin

    iTunes Playlist

    I'm fairly sure you could just make a smart playlist that contains all songs whose Kind contains "Protected AAC". Or, if you've changed the format of the songs (like to unprotected AAC or mp3) then you could manually label all you music store songs as that in their grouping or comments...
  16. iPenguin

    British running music

    I think what you want is the theme song from the Benny Hill show. I think the songs name is "Yakety Sax," but I don't know for sure.
  17. iPenguin

    anyone know how to...

    "Pause" is a freeware app that was just recently released and it does exactly what you want:
  18. iPenguin

    Hot Key equivalent of 'Green circle'?

    By default there's no key command for the green (zoom) button in windows. To make it have a keyboard shortcut, in System Preferences go to the "Keyboard and Mouse" pane. Then select the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. There you can make a new keyboard shortcut (click the + button). In the setting...
  19. iPenguin

    FruitMenu menus not showing up...

    Thanks bobw! That seems to have done the trick.