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  1. Jeff Ulrikson

    MacOSX 10.2 to be released in 16 days!

    Given the verbage that Apple has used in the past to describe what is going to be RELEASED and what is going to be DEMONSTRATED, your assumption is most likely wrong. Giving more fuel to that fire is the fact that Mac OS X 10.1.5 is scheduled to be made available BEFORE then. I again think...
  2. Jeff Ulrikson

    Your Home Page
  3. Jeff Ulrikson

    Your website

    My site... The Terran Academy
  4. Jeff Ulrikson

    vBulletin on OSX?

    My PERSONAL recomendation to you is to install SEVERAL forum scripts and decide which you like based upon ease of sinstallation/updates, price, functionality and appearance. That's EXACTLY what I've done. My favorite, beating out vBulletin, YaBB SE and others is phpBB 2. It's currently under...
  5. Jeff Ulrikson

    what kind of a language is english?

    English is a Pan-Indo European Language. Need I say more?
  6. Jeff Ulrikson

    Who's been here the longest?

    Beat it? No. Match it? Yes...
  7. Jeff Ulrikson

    Finding the right position for Herve

    PERSONALLY, I like the title, "Babble Box." Not to be taken personally, but Herve, you talk (type) too much. You remind me of an old Boss of mine. Talked all the time with no apparent direction - to the point that we all though it was only because he got off on hearing himself talk.
  8. Jeff Ulrikson

    where to get php4 for macosx

    One word: FINK PHP is installed by default with OS X 10.1.# but is NOT executed by Apache by default - you will need to edit your APACHE.CONFIG file...unless you use FINK, which will install the most recient version. HOWEVER, to use FINK, you will need a working XWindows server (XFree)...
  9. Jeff Ulrikson

    OpenGl full screen mode please

    OS X does NOT contain WORKING Open GL Hardware drivers for the ATI Rage Pro or Rage II chipsets. Working drivers include the ATI Rage 129 and nVidea chipsets/cards. iMac Rev A & B = Rage II. Rev C & D = Rage Pro. The drivers are IN OS X 10.1.1 but not activated. Having activated them, there...
  10. Jeff Ulrikson


    With Mac OS X 10.1.1 Epson Stylus Color 600 USB (Printer) Sony Spressa USB (CD-RW) [CRX120E] Microtek Slim Scan C3 USB (Scanner) Digital DSC Pro USB (Digital Camera) Rage Pro Open GL Accelerated hardware In other words, not much DOES work...
  11. Jeff Ulrikson

    2001 AWARDS!

    I was here during the PB. I'm still (go figure) here now. I just don't post too often because, "people" make me angry (Grin). I just lurk...
  12. Jeff Ulrikson

    Where does Porthos "go"??

    Suspension of disbelief... Remember, on the 1701 (No bloody A, B, C or D [or even E for that matter]) there was only ONE set of restrooms on the ENTIRE SHIP. Take a look at the scematics, and you'll see I'm right. For that matter, do you EVER see a toilet in ANY episode? Showers, yes...
  13. Jeff Ulrikson

    anyone know whats up with fetch and 10.1?

    DOES NOT work for me either. I can connect, but the filist NEVER appears (THiss is on my OWN FTP Fieserver or ANY other for that matter)... Try works in 10.1
  14. Jeff Ulrikson

    WYSIWYG html editor for OS X?

    Instad of spewing forth a line of $hit or giving you my unsolicited personal OPINIONS like the other respondants, I'll actually answer your question... The answer is NO. There currently is NOT a WYSYWIG HTML editor for Mac OS X. I've been waiting for one myself for quite some time. There...
  15. Jeff Ulrikson

    Apache won't boot in 10.1!

    # out the offending HFS line in your APACHE.CONFIG file...
  16. Jeff Ulrikson

    OpenGL Problems with Rev D iMac

    Wow! You're still twit. Let me guess, you're either a Salesperson, an Engineer or a Polititian. None of whom read things CLOSELY before opening their traps. Don't offer us your opinions or, "sagely advice" when you clearly haven't read the post CLOSELY. Moreover, your observations were...
  17. Jeff Ulrikson

    OpenGL Video Drivers for ATI non-128

    Mac OS X 10.1 (Build 5G64) [This is SUPPOSEDLY the GM folks] does NOT have Rage Pro OpenGL drivers. Trust me. I know. I'm using it RIGHT NOW. ONLY software rendering works. No hardware accelleration. In any case, my original post was made almost a year ago. Why the sudden interest after...
  18. Jeff Ulrikson

    OpenGL Problems with Rev D iMac

    Before you start making more moronic suggestions like the last one, please refer to the original post date: 10-07-2000 Most could put two and two together... Incidentally, the OpenGL driver "problem," (EG: Apple has gotten around to documenting the shortcoming - Rage Pro hardware drivers...
  19. Jeff Ulrikson

    Opening OpenFirmware

    Ummm...are you shure about that?!?
  20. Jeff Ulrikson

    Problem with 5G48

    Well, "Yee Haw" for you. My last major problem took over a MONTH to resolve. Starting with abosulutely NO ANSWER AT ALL for two weeks. Me making an ASS out of myself to get the attention of someone (IE: "Who do you have to $crew to get an answer around here?"). Then a message asking me to...