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  1. iamnoel

    Virtual desktops

    lol F cked up. ;)
  2. iamnoel

    Poll: Installation of X on a beige G3

    I've got an older beige G3 at work I'd like to install X on once it gets to be a fully valid option (i.e., there's a version of Office out for it, etc. I'm glad FileMaker's no longer an issue). On the iMac I've got here, I obtained its Firmware Update via the Control Panel. Isn't that the...
  3. iamnoel

    osX background & login, boot panel(s).

    It's not that one. IMO, this isn't too obscure to be a given option; but if/once I figure it out I'll let you know...
  4. iamnoel

    Virtual desktops

    I'd like the option, though. If it ought to be 1st in order of importance or not isn't the issue, IMO. One of the issues I've got in osX is that I'm on an iMac giving me only 1024x768 (i.e., the overall look-&-feel of 8x600 in osX). Other things, the Finder not being in one layer...
  5. iamnoel

    Harddisk Optimizor is needed!

    Is VersionTracker an option? Get it on there...
  6. iamnoel

    osX background & login, boot panel(s).

    In other words, the boot/login background: not the individual panels, & obviously not the desktop picture once I've logged in. ;)
  7. iamnoel

    osX background & login, boot panel(s).

    Ok, I've got an issue here: I've got login panels, boot panels, etc. & the option to overwrite them; only I've got no info on how to overwrite that off-blue background in osX. I'd like it to be white, for instance, instead. Noel
  8. iamnoel

    toolbar in os x...

    One other option is to view the toolbar in the Finder as text-only (i.e., no icons). I've got it like this, & the outcome is that it is not obtrusive, & items open into the one window instead of new ones. I guess this isn't optimal if one likes icons instead; but it's the only other idea I've...
  9. iamnoel

    GoLive in osX

    Ok, is GoLive 5.0 opening for others in osX/Classic or not? I've got it installed, & generally go into OS 9.1 to open it; but it isn't opening for me otherwise in osX.
  10. iamnoel

    OSX: What will I miss when I leave WinXX?

    I'd guess that once osX is going out installed on iMacs, etc. it ought to be over a variety of the issues it's got now. Otherwise, I'd go into things like that... 1. In OS 9, if I go to order a VAIO laptop in IE or Netscape it informs me that I've got to be on Windows. Overall, this is very...
  11. iamnoel

    osX Internet connection gone.

    I've got an issue getting online in osX. It's very odd, but I'll give an overview of it: In osX, I've got no outgoing Internet connection. I'll open OmniWeb, for instance, goto a link, & it gives me nothing. On the other hand, if I open Classic, I've got no issues & I'm online (not in osX...
  12. iamnoel

    fsck instead of Disk First Aid

    I guess I'd be interested in finding out of 'fsck' is the ideal option, or if it's only one other way to go. In other words, is it optimal (i.e., going to increase the likeliness of getting over hd issues) or only an identical, non-graphical version of the other? It's good to know it's there...
  13. iamnoel

    OS of

    The impression I get is that it's on Linux instead of osX. I'm guessing this isn't very important... ;)
  14. iamnoel

    OS X vs. OS 9 Speed

    The #1 issue I've got in osX is opening things (OmniWeb is a very good example of this; but I'll get irritated opening a new Finder window, too). I'm only on an iMac, but 9.1 is very fast on it. I've got a '98 G3 WallStreet, 300MHz/192MB. I've got 9.1 installed on it, & it's faster than osX...
  15. iamnoel

    What % of you time do you spend in OS X

    I'm in OS 9.1 now, on a G3 I've not got X installed on, if that's an indication...I like getting into, learning, etc. the in's & out's of osX, & I find it interesting; otherwise (if I've got things I've got to do) I'm in OS 9, or 9.1. Once in a while, if I'm at work, I've got an older beige G3...
  16. iamnoel

    OS9 shuts down improperly

    I've got it, too, in osX 10.0 & 9.1. I'm guessing it's a non-issue, or it'd have gotten looked into (I, & others, left that feedback, too). I leave the General Controls option on, & let it go over itself if I've got to open into OS 9.1 instead of X; & I'm guessing it ought to be okay like this...
  17. iamnoel

    What is your ISP?

    I'm on a cable modem. I'm getting an OC-3 line. ;) heh
  18. iamnoel

    Tenon X Tools

    I've got it installed, & I've not got those issues. :/ I'm not implying that it's not occurred to you, of course; but is it obvious that it is indeed XTools' fault (i.e., is there verification on this) &/or is there any further info the issue itself? If it's only the installer that has issues, I...
  19. iamnoel

    Icon Spacing

    It is the little things one grows fond of, & I guess our only option is to look forward to the version of osX that once again implements them. I'm optimistic it'll be 10.1 instead of 11... Noel