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  1. GNoME

    url icon for Favorites folder

    dunno. Alonso just became world champion Formula 1 in Shanghai. (yeaaaaa :D ) Anyway these are my favorites favicons I made so far: A favicon Here is what it look like click to download looks like: another: (the best one of the lot) Blue MacOSX favicon and...
  2. GNoME

    url icon for Favorites folder

    Sorry for triple posting but I've been busy :D Here's some more favicons I made click to download favicon looks like : and here's another: US Favicon
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    url icon for Favorites folder

    Well I can see the favicon now on the opening screen of the forum but anywhere else on the site ??? Any special reason for this ? (I hate to admit it :rolleyes: but I don't like the X :o ) -sorry I made some favicon myself click to download favicon it looks like this ...
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Well here goes They just got the most phenomenal leather clothing I have seen anywhere as well for males as for females. Not just S&M but normal every day wear like jackets and such. I love leather ...
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    Let's see if your real face looks better than your desktop. Post your pic!

    Got I didn't know the thread was already there. Only three girls I can count from the top of my head and I think there is defenitely a nice mixture of nationality in here. Pienso que hay espangoles en este foro pero no se si hablan espangol. Gibs es Deutcher hier in das forum ? Itatliens and...
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    Photo caption time!

    I, that's a nice striper, not to big though. Prolly caught somewhere alongside the west coast. Only place there found... Nice fish :D
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    Post a picture of yourself

    So we all can get to know each other :) I'm not going first though, I'm shy :p
  8. GNoME

    CSS or XSL

    K that sort of sums it up then. Thanks for the replies :)
  9. GNoME

    Oh Caffeine, How I need Thee

    cappaccino fan myself :p
  10. GNoME word association!

  11. GNoME

    CSS or XSL

    That's my answer right there :) Use both and as little as possible of xsl. As I am still starting: how many lines of xsl would I need in such a scenario ?
  12. GNoME

    url icon for Favorites folder

    well I'm still running xp but am switching to macosx. maybe that's why I can't see your X. How come?
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    url icon for Favorites folder

    I think needs an url icon for in the favorites folder as well as when you visit the site. Here are examples of url icons: currently I have a star icon set before it. Edited it myself in the prefrences This is what i found on the internet on...
  14. GNoME

    CSS or XSL

    thnaks. I was thingking after picking up xml and css to do Java. Do you know how the Java2 for Dummies is on beginners? Do people really learn from the book or just get the theory explained? As I understand it you can do the entire website with Java and won't have no need anymore for cgi asp...
  15. GNoME word association!

  16. GNoME

    CSS or XSL

    I'm new to website publishing and have no prior knowledge of either one of them. I have been browsing the web alot on the subject but can't find a conclusive statement. XSL works together with XML as an integrated unit. CSS seems more easy and effective but can't transform xml into html...
  17. GNoME

    Is it just me or is MacOSX just really unstable...

    As I read through these threads I can't help thinking that MacOSX is really instable. Is it true ?
  18. GNoME

    best Mac Tiger books + unix?

    I went for "Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger" -Dave Taylor and "Mac OS X Tiger Pocket Guide" -Chuck Toporek The reason I didn't go for the missing manual is simply casue it's to thick and I only need a good introduction. The rest I'll figure out myself ;)
  19. GNoME

    best Mac Tiger books + unix?

    Satcomer recommended this to me. I'm buying it over together with "XML for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guides)" from Elizabeth Castro. It should keep me sweet for the next couple of months :)