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  1. nervus

    Official Yosmite Thread! :)

    Speaking about the visual experience: has anyone found an easy method to keep the old appearance of the dock and the icons? I decided to do the installation on a separate HD (so I could return easily) and was appalled by the view of the desktop.
  2. nervus

    Ikea In Kansas City

    Did you now Ikea called their bathroom carpets after Danish cities ??
  3. nervus

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Howdie, folks… I feel a bit guilty for my long abscense. For me a simple wine of the house, oh and let the others take something to drink to on my expense :) Just preparing to survive the latest cultural import from the anglo-american world: Halloween :( As if we do not have are own dubious...
  4. nervus

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    My personal pet-hate are the speed-controls on the outgoing roads: you are leaving the city, no buildings anymore, no crossroads and the sign "city-border" is 50 meters ahead of you. You are speeding up and "bang" ... another ticket for exceeding the speed with 10 km/h. Which means just 100...
  5. nervus

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Aaaah.... Been away a very log time :( So for me a white beer ... SUV's hmm? If you are still driving here (Netherlands) in one of those you will be marked as a "loser". There are not many of them anymore to see. And let's face it: an Audi A8 is a far better looking car ;)
  6. nervus

    Guild Wars 2

    Hi, I play GW2 with the Mac-client: it is nice, however no sound (known issue) :(
  7. nervus

    upgrading iMac G5???

    Hello all My sister has an iMac G5 17" Model A1058 with 1 GB RAM. During a recent visit from me to her house she complained to me about the sluggish behavior of this Mac. So I had a look at it. After running disk-utility and repairs on the disk the whole machine was much quicker. Noticing...
  8. nervus

    Fatal Problem

    OK. You started to state: her mac. If she locked your parents computer then it is another case. Maybe you should make a few separate users on your mac: one as administrator that can "rule" it and a few more for the rest of the family. All with their own separate passwords. That way only the...
  9. nervus

    Fatal Problem

    Good for you that you could crack your problem. But what you did, was violating the privacy of your sister. Even if your parents "authorized" you to it, this is still wrong. To put things in perspective: I am father of 3 (now adult and living on their own) children. I would never, ever have done...
  10. nervus

    Fatal Problem

    Serves you right. You shouldn't mess with the computer of another. Your sister didn't want you to get in (she refused to tell the password) so now you are locked out. Do not expect help from me or anybody else ...
  11. nervus

    mac mini boot problem

    Could you provide us with some info on: processor type (PPC, Intel), version of macos, did the mini earlier on as it should, etc.? And what do you mean with "segmented time moving"?
  12. nervus

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Yikes... cider :( Do me a Westmalle Triple please. Wheather is soft and rainy. A sweet start of fall here. Makes up for our weird political conditions :P
  13. nervus

    Herve's Bar & Grill

    *Walks in .... Place looks dusty, dirty and dim ... * Hello? Anybody here? *Removes spiders and cobwebs* *checks beerpump: DRY!!!* What has happened?? *Takes out flask of whiskey from the cupboard. Opens flask and pours a good measure in a glass* GULP... What to do? Close this joint?
  14. nervus

    iMac G5 automatically goes to sleep mode

    It seems almost impossible to reach inside this machine to repair this. But maybe you have some use from this discussion:
  15. nervus

    Apps requiring X11 don't start

    IIRC X11 is a separate install. So if you formatted and reinstalled OS X it could be you forgot to check this (and it therefore is not on your HD).
  16. nervus

    Site Upgraded for 2008! Happy New Year!

    Website works OK, but not faster in my experience. :)
  17. nervus

    Bobw Passed Away

    Just noticed this sad news.... I am speechless.....
  18. nervus

    odd trash

    Thanks for your help Bob!!! It's working again as it should! :)
  19. nervus

    odd trash

    *bump* No one any idea??
  20. nervus

    odd trash

    Recently I have a strange behaviour of trash in my main account: when I move a file to the trash can it will be deleted immediately (although I get a warning that this will happen), however in the other accounts of this Mac this doesn't happen (there I find the normal behaviour). Now the map...