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    Has Apple left Greece out of the X Game?

    1: Greek, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese names all show up in the finder with the correct letters in my version. 2: Your site shows up perfect in IE I have OSX PB (first release) and set to English. DJ
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    Windows Networking and OS X

    Join the club, i screamed for this function to apple. (Of the 75000 feedbacks they received on OSXPB 10 are about Winnetworking support and written by me) Actually, no one knows. It's a big mystery. It seems almost impossible they could do that at this late stage. But Thursby (creators of...
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    Oh my.... that's FAST!

    1334.6 Kbps 163.6 K bytes/sec This is what it said about my connection, but i have to cross an ocean. I'm on the fastest T3+ line in the Netherlands. Campus Ethernet intranet for 5000 students, who all share their HD (Who needs napster if you can use Samba and CIFS) and a 1 Gigabit/s...
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    MacOSX upcoming ideas.

    I would love a chat feature. - Further a reference guide (links page) to all kind of pages with specific macos X information. (Someone made a page on what NetInfo is and how to use it, my very own Samba port page, the PPPoE page etc. etc.) - A Developer forum. Split into carbon -...
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    PPPoE in OSX?

    Search for PPPoE in the forum, and you will find hondreds of posts. Between those, you will find a link to a site of the man who ported some software to OSX to fix this. And apple has stated that PPPoE will be in the Final release of OSX. DJ
  6. T - multiple desktops

    That's what i did too. The day it came out. It's now fulltime open in the right corner of my screen, the window being the same size of a docked item. Very usefull, but i still have to get used to not switching by the dock, but by pushing the buttons. But that's just because that has become a...
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    No JPEGs for background?

    No problem here. Does the JPEG has a file-extension? Shouldn't be necesarry, but might be the problem. And maybe OSX only knows the .jpg extension and not the .jpeg extension. Try changing it.
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    Quake 3

    I believe i had this problem once It asks you so locate the folder with the Q3A files, right? Or at least, it did the first time. You should always point to the top Q3A directory. In this case, the same directory, the Q3A original application is in. If it doesn't ask you anymore in which...
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    VNC Server

    That was a port of the XWindow version of VNC server if i am correct. It will only show XFree86 apps running. What Casey probably means is a version that can serve Quartz. That is all applications, including the desktop and that most people use in OSX. DJ
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    Anything Java...

    He there again. Long time no seen. Haven't been around for a while. I had a lot of stuff on my hands. (Again exams and my dorm's Christmas dinner which i had to organize) I'm staying with my parents during the holidays, so i wont be able to work on any stuff untill after new year. Good to...
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    is this site dying?

    Oh, i m loving this site. Wish list. - A developer section. - A chat arena of some sort. Only prob is that most chat uses java and java simply doesn't work on OSX so far. Keep on rockin' admins
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    Anything Java...

    Whoops, sort of a double post. And no no luck. Guess i have to reinstall from the ground up if i want this fixed. Prob is i have a lot of stuff on the disk that will need backing up. And my 4 weeks old burner simply stopped functioning, so lack a bit of storage options. DJ
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    is this site dying?

    No. All sites are dying. I have been at Macnn aswell, and the number of posts is getting less by the day. At the moment there simply isn't enough news and software to experiment with. And there are simply way to many sites. I restricted myself to and cause else i'd...
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    Well it still has a bug. You cannnot upload. And that is highly irritating. Seems to be a problem with the finder so i have heard. Only Appleshare over IP is working in OSX The traditional and still most widely used appleshare over Appletalk is not yet finished. According to some it is...
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    congif.guess : deleted please post

    No what you mean, been there. Here it is BTW. its /usr/libexec/config.guess DJ
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    Anything Java...

    I figured out why i can't compile. All the necesarry files are there. That's why a reinstallation of the tools doesn't change a thing. cc (which is called on by Projectbuilder) seems to have lost the path to my frameworks. Now to get them back. And that's the real problem. I don't know a...
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    Anything Java...

    Try out this one first ;)
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    Anything Java...

    Building packages is actually really simple. The problem is if you have to add lines to files for instance. Samba needs to open some ports and define services. And those are all lines that need to be appended to files. And if there is a Sambaserver running already, it needs to take it down. I...
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    Access Windows Shares Under Mac OS X in 10 Easy Steps

    As far as i know: NO And they work fine in my network. So it has to be something else. Try contacting the people from Sharity and maybe they can help you create a debuglog, so they can figure out what is wrong. DJ
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    Anything Java...

    I have almost finished my installer package for Samba. It's actualy quite easy to do. All that is left are the scripts which NEED to be executed. I know it can be done, but i cannot get it working. Anyone out there who has succesfully used post_install scripts with such an installer? DJ