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    Rootless X Free on MacOSX

    Actually, NXHost'ing went away with DPS. Since there is no longer a DPS server to NXHost to, it can't be done under Quartz. Actually, I think that porting something like GTK+ to use Quartz would be the best of both worlds. Basically, what I'd rather have is an X-11 equivalent of Carbon --...
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    HFS+ vs. UFS

    This is why many within Apple argued that HFS+ should have been case sensitive and then let the finder and AppKit allow for a case insensitive user experiance. Now, if something is stored on a case sensitive filesystem (an NFS server for example), the system will behave differently then if it is...
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    HFS+ vs. UFS

    I haven't checked yet, but is it possible to partition a single drive and have both a UFS and an HFS+ partition? HFS+ isn't POSIX compliant and has much weaker security, so that for UN*X apps, it is inferior. However, since MacOS 9.x can't read UFS, you need to have both if you want to...