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    Safari Icons

    hello, for some reason...all the little icons via the menu bar scroll down have gone....anyway to rebuild this to get them back... They dont even come back when I revisit the site.....what gives? thanks for any help....
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    Werid Widget Issue

    hello, all of a sudden I am having an issue with widgets....i think, but I am not sure, since the last security widget window keeps activating by itself....this seems to happen about every 10 mins...and is a big pain...any thoughts....thanks for any info
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    I have qmaster for rendering with maya...and there is a problem when using mental ray...can i ask you guys a qmaster/mental ray related question
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    using the ae 6.5.1 and tiger I keep getting this error in After effects when rendering...I have tried deleting prefs, increase the cache and trying to let ae have more memory but nothing works...any ideas> After Effects: not enough memory to create U_MemTrackedObject
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    Poser 6 And Tiger

    hello, i recently purchased poser 6 and it worked fine...then I updated to poser 6 no longer would open but if I tried to save or export anything all of the menu items would go grey and I would have to force quit I waited for the update for poser 6 to work with...