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  1. cyclyst1964

    The shoe drops.

    I ditched my old Mid-2012 Mac Pro four years ago when Apple discontinued security patches and OS support for it. Decided to spend some time on a PC for a while. Built up a really nice PC installed a dual boot system with Linux and Windows (10 then later 11). Then decided that it was time to...
  2. cyclyst1964

    How is this possible??

    I know it's been a while since you posted your question, but I've just started looking at this site again after being away for a good, long while. What you had done when you wired one end directly opposite of the other is that you created what we call a crossover cable. Traditionally a...
  3. cyclyst1964

    Mac Pro Cube !!

    It's obvious to me that the maker of this farce was just having fun. I think it was meant to be a satire of a Macworld keynote. I was lmao ! The problem I had with my cube ( other than it going up in smoke last week ) was that it was a slot-load computer with an odd-size video card and not...
  4. cyclyst1964

    What comes after cats, birds?

    I think animals are fine,so long as they stick to aggressive predators.
  5. cyclyst1964

    450Mhz Cube or 500Mhz Tower?

    Interesting opinions. Thanks for your input guys!
  6. cyclyst1964

    450Mhz Cube or 500Mhz Tower?

    Here's my situation. Each of these is available to me at a very reasonable price. I can only have one of them. Assuming the same price, would you purchase a 450Mhz G4 Cube (w/o speakers) , or a 500Mhz G4 Sawtooth? The Cube is small, stylish, and quiet, not expandable and uses an external power...
  7. cyclyst1964

    Safari or Firefox?

    Try Camino , and also iCab. iCab has some really neat features such as the ability to identify itself to sites as explorer in order to improve compatibility.
  8. cyclyst1964


    Billsstills, It sounds like bad ram to me. I had the same problem with an eMac . It was a defective stick-o-ram. Good Luck
  9. cyclyst1964

    Best digital photo software?

    Photoshop Elements should be adequate for most novices. If she decides that she really needs more than Elements can provide, then she could always upgrade.
  10. cyclyst1964

    Safari's Blue Question Marks

    see if you can get it work long enough to download " Mac Sweeper 3.0" It is a free utility that will run all kinds of maintenance scripts for you and also includes a great disk repair utility . You can also choose to "run everything"...
  11. cyclyst1964

    I'm Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then you should have at least fixed the "red-eye" in that picture.
  12. cyclyst1964


    Recording some of my 700 LPs to my hard disk so that I can burn them to CDs. Editing photos in Photoshop Elements. That's on one lightly modified eMac. My other machines are resting right now.
  13. cyclyst1964

    Brand Spankin New Mac User, Brand Spankin Old iMac

    Kolor Blind, Use the Bondi Blue as a web surfing/e-mail machine. It will be all you need for that. In the meantime.. Save your bucks up for a good used g4 machine. Check out www.lowendmac,com . Look at their list of Used Mac Dealers . There are some great deals , and some not so great...
  14. cyclyst1964

    What Bill Gates wants to do to Apple and Google

    Better keep your back to the wall when that Gates guy is in the room. ;-)
  15. cyclyst1964

    Something weird is going on with my iMac ...

    Funny stuff indeed.
  16. cyclyst1964

    why is mac best for graphic design?

    What's up with that link? What is the point? muhnuminum?
  17. cyclyst1964

    Apple sightings on TV and movies?

    The movie " Monster in Law " . J.Lo's fiance' has a G5 Powermac with cinema display in the house.
  18. cyclyst1964

    right click of command click is slow

    Right clicks work great on my old machines. It ought to be even faster on your g5 dually. I occasionally use "Mac Sweeper 3.0 " to check and repair permissions,clean up the drive, etc. Seems to keep these dinosaurs running nice and fast. I use Panther ,though. Perhaps that feature is...
  19. cyclyst1964

    irritating non-members

    I'm sort of new here , so forgive me if this is a silly question. My impression is that this site is here for us Os X users to constructively share ideas and information with each other. There seems to be a large number of posts by visitors who are just trying to pick a fight. This...
  20. cyclyst1964

    can't restart after trying to install OS X

    Davage, Check your private messages if you haven't already. My solution is a little bit long winded. Also , most G3 iMacs can "only" use a maximum of 512mb ram. For best results, I suggest you max it out. Good luck.