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  1. SGilbert

    DIY external storage

    Best source I know of is Other World Computing ( IMHO, a ready to use, or build your own SSD external. OWC has both.
  2. SGilbert

    System password

    Well, I did it. What a pain in the a$$! Had to enter my system password MANY times. Of course, due to another of Apple's 'wisdom', I couldn't just drag to new folder (named My Utilities), as that only created aliases. :(. Had to drag to trash, and then to my new folder. Of course, I had to enter...
  3. SGilbert

    Restore old app from previous itunes Backup

    However, that may be the only way to restore just THAT app. Another thought, although again, I haven't tried it, is to use an app like 'unpkg' to extract that one app from your iTunes backup. Worth a try.
  4. SGilbert

    Restore old app from previous itunes Backup

    Have you tried deleting the app, then restoring iPhone without backing up first? (Haven't tried it--YMMV)
  5. SGilbert

    System password

    Cheryl, NOT what I wanted to hear, but exactly what I have suspected for awhile. I'm half tempted to create my own Utilities folder. Call it something different, Maybe Repairs & Maintenance-but that's too long. :( Then, move all my non Apple utilities to that folder. I'm thinking (dangerous, I...
  6. SGilbert

    System password

    No matter what I try for permissions, I get this:
  7. SGilbert

    System password

    I'm getting fed up with having to enter my password whenever adding or updating anything in Utilities folder. Do not have to do it in Applications folder. It's been this way for a long time, and I'm sooo tired of it. Anyway to correct, fix, or alter this??
  8. SGilbert

    Upgrading my MacPro 3.1

    Why not just buy a cheap Windows laptop, and using your Mac solely as a Mac? It's too well setup to be wasted.
  9. SGilbert

    With Mojave, Firefox & Chrome cannot access the Web; Safari & Opera Can

    FWIW, I consider myself pretty Mac savy. That being said, Little Snitch threw me for a loop! It is WAY overly complicated and not intuitive. I have dumped it in favor of a small, free app called Radio Silence. You might give it a try.
  10. SGilbert

    Renew Certificate!

    It's fixed! Thank you
  11. SGilbert

    Renew Certificate!

    Safari locked you out; Firefox let me overide it's block. Your certificare expired yesterday November 4th. We count on your help, and helping.
  12. SGilbert

    Uninstalling Safari

    Why? Any subsequent OS updates will reinstall Safari.
  13. SGilbert

    Who PO'd Who?

    There's got to be a way to vet (sorry, been listening to politics) new members or restrict new member posts. 4+ pages of spam just today!
  14. SGilbert

    Who PO'd Who?

    Every last one of them???? No way, Jose' ! :)
  15. SGilbert

    Who PO'd Who?

    The spam posts have really been rampant lately. I wish I had that much spare time on my hands.
  16. SGilbert

    Slideshow Convert?

    Try: DVD Player, QuickTime Player, or the free VLC.
  17. SGilbert

    What media player for Mac is the best?

    I have no idea which is 'best'; but I really like VLC.
  18. SGilbert

    Syncing bookmarks with iPad and Mac mini not happening

    Have you checked: On the iPad. Go to Settings->Safari->Favorites. Make sure Favorites is checked (or whatever sites or folder you choose) FWIW: My wife's MBP running OS 10.13.5 High Sierra runs Photoshop CS3 quite nicely. (I use Pixelmator)
  19. SGilbert

    Is OS X a 128 bit Operating System?

    Techguy#2692, Did you notice that this thread in 17 years old??
  20. SGilbert

    Hi Sierra Problem

    I take the 'fix' all back! My wife's MBP, all of a sudden, repaired itself about the same time mine did. Does Apple 'push' minor updates behind the scenes, without the App Store? No other explanation!!!