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  1. amcliz

    4K Display Monitor in 2K Mode

    Hi all... I recently purchased a BenQ PD3200U 4K Designer Monitor.... I love the monitor and the image quality is just unreal... watching full 4K video on YouTube is just a beautiful thing... but I find that at full 4K resolution I could barely see the UI of many of the most popular workflow...
  2. amcliz

    Getting UI Text to display better on MacPro 2010 with Benq PD3200U 4K Monitor

    Hi there. I received delivery of my Benq PD3200U 4K monitor today and I adore it... the size and sharpness and colour accuracy right out of the box is just a joy to behold. Only problem is... in the 4K I can really see UI menus in certain apps as they are just so small and the software doesn't...
  3. amcliz

    4K versus 2K & Adobe RGB versus sRGB

    My daily key apps that I use are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Lightroom, QuarkXpress 2018. The main work that I do is logo design work, brochure design work, bespoke signage design, large format design, PowerPoint template design, web design, light...
  4. amcliz

    4K versus 2K & Adobe RGB versus sRGB

    Hello all... I'm in the market to purchase a new monitor. I have only ever bought Apple Monitors so I have been doing extensive research and now I'm being told 27" and Adobe RGB is the only way to go for my business type. I'm an old school graphic designer, I do logo design, brochure design...
  5. amcliz

    BenQ PD3200 Compatibility Questions

    Singapore..... what made you think that... sorry.... I'm from Ireland... :) No worries... for now I will go with the cable you suggested... makes sense. Thanks again for all your expert help and assistance.
  6. amcliz

    BenQ PD3200 Compatibility Questions

    Thank you for that DeltaMac, but I contacted BenQ Sales Query Support yesterday also and they finally came back to me this morning suggesting this cable... to guarantee the best quality 4K picture.... do you think this is correct or over the top as this cable retails at $74 on the Apple Store...
  7. amcliz

    BenQ PD3200 Compatibility Questions

    I'm wondering if there is a way to get this possible new monitor purchase or mine to work with my MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar that only has USB Type C connections... is there an adaptor that I can get that will still deliver a 4K experience...? Also... I'm potentially getting this new...
  8. amcliz

    BenQ PD3200U 32 inch 4K Designer Monitor - Should I or Shouldn't I ?

    Hi there.... My Apple 27" LED Cinema Display (not Thunderbolt version) is giving me trouble for the past two years, as it can erratically flicker on and off. Recently I upgraded my old graphics card that came with my MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2010) to a new Sapphire PULSE RX580 and upgraded to macOS...
  9. amcliz

    Is upgrading my MacPro to a HD7950 Video Card worth it in 2018 ?

    Hi all... I have a MacPro 12 Core (2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon) Mid 2010, with 64GB RAM, 520GB SSD and ATI Radeon HD 5870. Attached to that computer I have a 27" Apple Cinema Display (Non Thunderbolt) using the mini DV port plus a 30" Apple Cinema Display using the DVI port. I want to...
  10. amcliz

    Airplay Audio Options for new AppleTV YouTube App ?

    All I used to have to do before was to pull from the head of the remote to reveal the audio options and then I could select my B&W floor speakers from the drop down audio sources list and my YouTube clips would then play on my Airport Xpress enabled hi-if speakers instead of my TV soundbar. I...
  11. amcliz

    Will Airplay 2 allow me to watch a movie and hear the audio from multiple network connected sources ?

    Will Airplay 2 allow me to watch a movie and hear the audio from multiple network connected sources.... ? I have a Samsung 4K TV using a high-end Samsung Soundbar using my Apple TV Gen 4. I also have an Airport Express connected to an ARCAM irDAC connected to my Rotel Hi-Fi System with B&W...
  12. amcliz

    Alternative Solution To The Apple Led Cinema Display 27"

    Amazing information DeltaMac.... you sure know your stuff. Great to meet someone so informed about these matters. I'm looking now on the DELL website.... here are two I have shortlisted...
  13. amcliz

    Alternative Solution To The Apple Led Cinema Display 27"

    Hey.... just saw that above.... it's not the size that matters.... but the quality.... :) Cheeky!! lol
  14. amcliz

    Alternative Solution To The Apple Led Cinema Display 27"

    Sorry... meant to say DeltaMac.... greetings from Ireland... :) Thank you so much for the really helpful info. Mac is the best computer community in the world!!
  15. amcliz

    Alternative Solution To The Apple Led Cinema Display 27"

    That is so helpful. Thank you so much. But wondering if there would a less expensive option as the new expensive monitor I easna buy will be the 5K version that will mostly partner the new MacPro when it debuts in 2018 ? 27 inch will be fine as a stop gap :)
  16. amcliz

    Alternative Solution To The Apple Led Cinema Display 27"

    Hi all.... I recently started having intermittent problems with my Apple LED Cinema Display 27" (NOT THUNDERBOLD VERSION). It keeps going off on me... just black and blank, sometimes it comes back on within a few seconds, other times it takes longer or not at all and I need to unplug from the...
  17. amcliz

    What Is The Best Imac Pro Configuration For A Graphic Designer ?

    I'm an old school graphic designer and I'm looking to upgrade to the new iMac Pro as I just feel it delivers on all my current and possible future needs. I have always been a MacPro user, but I just feel as the world has moved on, primarily with video and more specifically 4K video editing...
  18. amcliz

    Official: High Sierra Issues

    I'm running 10.12.6 on my MacPro 12 Core (Mid 2010) with 64GB and 520GB SSD Drive plus QTY 3 x 3TB Internal HDD Drives.... plus 15TB DroboS Gen 2 (Firewire). I want to upgrade to High Sierra... all my core software has been updated to be compatible... anyone have any issues with upgrading an...
  19. amcliz

    Forthcoming Imac Pro Versus In Development Macpro

    Not sure about affordability yet until I see the prices in black and white... but I get a family discount from Apple also as I have a family member working there... so that coupled with the 23% VAT I can claim back is an overall saving of 40%, so makes things like spec's out machines more...
  20. amcliz

    Forthcoming Imac Pro Versus In Development Macpro

    Hi again Cheryl.... you are always so good to reply to my posts... I don't mean to sound like a spoilt Apple Fan Boy.... but I have been very fortunate in my career to be able to purchase the very best that Apple has had to offer and I have linked that ability to the fact that my work has always...