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  1. bbloke

    Happy New Year

    Sounds ominous... ;) Good to see you around pds.
  2. bbloke

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year (2019), everyone!
  3. bbloke

    Why I'll never use

    Out of interest, has anyone tried Veertu?
  4. bbloke

    I hate the new online Media!

    It wasn't the most interesting article I've ever read, but it didn't anger me either. I think I'm missing something.
  5. bbloke

    Environmental concerns

    To be honest, I'm often puzzled by perceptions that scientists are quite so divided on the subject. The following is not an attack on anyone here, I assure you, it's only that this subject sometimes surprises me and I wonder about the origins. True, there are and always will be disagreements...
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  7. bbloke word association!

  8. bbloke word association!

  9. bbloke

    Olympics - London 2012

    What have people here made of the Olympics? Have you been following it on the TV or even managed to be there in person? I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in person on a couple of days and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it all, especially as I had been fairly pessimistic...
  10. bbloke

    The Shard

    Yuck. It really doesn't seem to fit in very well at all, although that can be said for other, recent constructions too. Then again, this article suggests the Shard might fit quite well... ;)
  11. bbloke

    Is Apple overcharging non US customers?

    I know I'm digressing, but I wanted to say it is good to see you around again, Viro. :)
  12. bbloke

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone at! :) Any particularly good presents being given or received this year?
  13. bbloke word association!

    wrap (You may also like this newspaper front page, allegedly from the Daily Express. I'm confident it is a spoof, but sometimes you can't be too sure... ;) )
  14. bbloke word association!

    inequity (Ah, the Daily Mail... The paper that was sympathetic towards the fascists during the 1930s.)
  15. bbloke

    Steve Jobs has passed away

    I just saw the reports elsewhere and then saw the front page on the Apple site. I was shocked and I don't know what to say. It is indeed a very sad day. :( He was one of the greats of the industry, someone who, from what I've heard, had a considerable talent for discerning the good ideas...
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  17. bbloke

    What caused the U.K. riots?

    My first reaction was that it is best to look at those who acted differently to the majority and determine why that was. Then again, you make a good point: if there people in similar areas and potentially similar situations, what makes some people act one way and others act another way? Of...
  18. bbloke

    Jobs Resigns!

    I can only hope the photo is not genuine. I'm not wanting to contribute to sensationalism about Steve Jobs' health and, in fact, I've not liked it when the media have talked about this a lot, but I'm feeling quite concerned for him recently. There is also news that his biography is being...
  19. bbloke

    Jobs Resigns!

    I just saw the news. I was immediately concerned, not so much for Apple but for the man himself. From his statement about not being able to fulfill his duties, my first thoughts were of his health. Steve Jobs' resignation statement: Apple's follow-up statement:
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