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    Rare, Mysterious Mac

    There's an interesting story of a rare, mysterious Mac over at Wired.
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    iTunes 2.0.4 Out

    FYI, iTunes 2.0.4 is (somewhat quietly) out. What's new? Apple doesn't say much:
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    FAXstf for Mac OS X

    FYI, FAXstf has just been released. Only issue I have is $60 for the upgrade...looks good though.
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    (Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about OpenSSH

    Nice (long) article about OpenSSH (the ssh used on Mac OS X) for those who are curious.
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    The Mystery that is Herve

    Okay, I think it's time we try and solve once and for all this little mystery...
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    Communicating with the clipboard at the command line

    Just found you can communicate (copy/paste) with the clipboard (or pasteboard) from the command line; most likely to be found useful in shell scripts... The commands are pbcopy and pbpaste: echo -n "copy this" | pbcopy copies the string 'copy this' to the clipboard (the -n is to keep...
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    Get Machine-specific info at the command line

    There are two (I've found so far) command line programs which'll return some interesting information: hostinfo returns kernel and hardware information sw_vers returns software version info (like in "About This Mac"
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    Mysterious Large File

    Anyone have an idea on the use of a file called .FBCIndex in a user's home directory. The one I see now is currently 30megs...a strings on it show tons of stuff, didn't want to go through 300,000 lines of strings output.
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    x86 Binary with 10.0.1 Update

    Found something kinda odd or interesting: with the 10.0.1 update comes a little app called DisplayAlert (apparently just says you need 300M for the update). The interesting part is when you do a file on the actual binary, % cd...
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    Obtain Info when a Program Crashes

    FYI, there's a program which can be run to gain information if something dies on you. It's called CrashReporter and can be enabled by adding the line CRASHREPORTER=-YES- to /etc/hostconfig (then rebooting). If a program crashes, CrashReporter will log (hopefully) useful information in...
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    Special Logins

    From what I can tell, there are four special logins from the main login window: >console - get to a command line console login prompt >exit - causes the loginwindow process to exit, and eventually return (this can take quite a few seconds sometimes, but from what I've seen, it does come...
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    Hide All But One

    FYI, Option-Command clicking something in the dock will bring that program up (or start it if not yet running) and hide all others...