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    Airdrop And Os X 10.10.3

    I recently updated both my MB as well as my wife's MBA to 10.10.3. Now I realize that AirDrop does not work. I searched on Google where it was suggested to log off of iCloud and to log back into it. This was supposed to fix the problem. I didn't see what or how that would fix the problem but...
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    Mysql Ver 5.6.17 Does't Start Automatically On 10.10.2

    I know I have seen posts on the web from many people who are having the same issue that I am experiencing now. I have an instance of Mysql that I first installed when I was running Lion. After upgrading to the latest and greatest, I am forced to start the instance manually now. While it is...
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    Time Machine backups

    I know there is not much as far as telling time machine what folders to backup, but how can you specify to restore files that are contained inside of a database? I know that Mysql holds the database files in "/usr/local/mysql/data/dbname". However I could not navigate to that folder location...
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    How to mount old HD via USB

    I recently removed my old HD from my MBPro and installed a new SSD. It is all working fine except for a Mysql database which did not make the transition. I still have the original hd. Is there a way to either boot off an external USB drive (old hd) or how can I mount it in order to obtain the...
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    USB dongle not recognized

    I have a USB dongle that I keep inserted into one of the two USB ports on my MacBook Pro. It would always work just fine until after I upgraded to OS X 10.9. Now I need to remove the dongle and re-insert it before it is recognized. I know this is due to the recent upgrade of the OS I just...
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    Mavericks and MySql 5.5.28

    Sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum but I was wondering if anyone has tested the new OS with MySql? I have installed MySql 10.8.5 and it is working just fine but I hear that the new OS is supposed to increase your battery life. I would hate to upgrade the OS just to find out that I can no...
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    How to remove extra partition under 10.8.4

    I have a mbp with a 2.8 GHz Intel Core I7 with 500Gb hd. I created a second partition to keep some some data encrypted. I no longer need to keep any data encrypted so I have deleted all of the data that was found in that partition. I have taken several backups since I removed said data. I...
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    Time machine question

    I finally convinced my wife to switch to an apple. She now uses a MacBook Air and I have been using the mbp for some time now. I have a 320 gig USB external drive that I use for time machine backups. My question is this. Can I use the same USB drive to backup two machines or do I need...
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    .DS_Store file on desktop

    I need some information. I don't know how I got a ".DS_Store" file on my desktop and every time I delete it, it comes back. Any ideas on what causes that file to be created and how I can remove it permanently from my desktop? I am running Mac OS X version 10.7.3. TIA Javier
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    Enable root login in OS X Lion

    I am trying to allow the root login on my 13" MacBook. I found the following instructions on the web: ============================================ How to enable the root user OS X Lion From the Apple menu choose System Preferences.... From the View menu choose Users & Groups. Click...
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    Need help re-installing Snow Leopard

    I installed Lion over Snow Leopard a few months ago. I am fed up with all of the bugs in Lion and would like to go back to Snow Leopard. Can anyone offer some advise on using "Disk Utility" to format the drive and installing Snow Leopard? TIA Javier
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    Giving up on Lion

    I have a 13 inch MacBook with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 4GB 667 MHz DDR 2 SDRAM running Mac OS X version 10.7.2 and I have had it with Lion. I want to go back to Snow Leopard. I am tired of all the system freezes I have encountered with Lion. My problem is that I don't know how to go...
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    Mac OS Lion (Clean install) question

    I recently upgraded my 13 inch MacBook to Lion. I opted to do the download rather than pay the extra cash for the DVD. Shortly after the upgrade, I started experiencing problems with my MacBook. There are times when I boot up and it is unresponsive. Yesterday, I took it to the Apple store to...
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    Problems with Lion

    I upgraded my MacBook to Lion. Soon after that, I noticed that it was very slow in responding to log into. My first response was to upgrade the memory. I now have 4 Gig of memory. This did not get rid of my first problem. Secondly, I have noticed that my machine will boot up and be...
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    Server question

    I was talking with my boss about switching from Windows Server 2008 to a MAC server. He hates MAC's but has been switching to Apple's. He mentioned that the Apple server is only good as a file server or print server. I have never worked with an Apple serever so I don't have an opinion on the...
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    MySQL installation

    I am trying to install MySQL on a MacBook running 10.6. When I try to install the software I get a message stating that an older version is already running. I thought I had removed the old version an in fact I can't find any file that belongs to MySQL. When I look at "Applications" there is...
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    set profile for terminal session

    Hello, I would like to set a profile when I open a "Terminal" session so as to have some aliases available to me. For now, I have been typing in the commands when I open the terminal session but I know that there is a way to have them available as soon as the terminal session is opened. TIA...
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    Question on "Terminal"

    I have Linux experience and I am trying to find out what is the name of the file that executes when you start up a "Terminal" session to set your profile. I would like to set several "aliases" automatically whenever I start a terminal session. I know there has to be a way of doing this but I...
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    Trying to delete a folder

    I have a NAS system at home and I created a folder using the Mac. The particulars for the folder are as follows: drwx------ 1 javier_s5 staff 16384 Dec 30 11:10 Picture_Frame_old The folder is empty, however when I try to delete the folder via the gui, I get a message that says the...
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    Quick question regarding file permissions

    I am sort of new to the Mac, but I have worked on Unix as well as Linux. Last night I purchased a new song from iTunes store and I could not down load it. I was getting an error. Long story short, I store all my music on an NAS box, and I was logged into that NAS as the root instead of my...