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  1. bigbadbill

    How can I AFP to Multiple IP Addresses behind an Airport Extreme

    My all Apple office has 5 static IP addresses provided by our ISP, previously we had been using the IP Mapping feature on our Netopia Cayman 3500 modem/router to access our computers from outside the office. We recently ditched the Netopia router/modem for just a standard modem and added an...
  2. bigbadbill

    USB 2.0 through Firewire Hub

    I just got a new iPod Video for Christmas and was shocked with the realization that my G4 iMac has no USB 2.0 (3 years old and it's obsolete, thanks Steve). I have a Firewire Hub that supports USB 2.0 and only connects to the 'puter using a Firewire cable. Will this work or will the iPod...
  3. bigbadbill

    WARNING! When Deleting Mail Pref's

    Just a little heads up for anyone thinking of deleting your Apple Mail pref's, doing so erases all messages in your inbox! Placing the messages in a mail folder keeps them safe, but anything left in your inbox is GONE! :eek:
  4. bigbadbill

    How can I change my Applications folder

    After having so much trouble installing Tiger 10.4 I decided it would be best to have my system on a seperate partition that everything else. I have created a partition for my system and another that will be my Home Folder. I was able to change my Home Folder location using NetInfo manager...
  5. bigbadbill

    Multi-Account Synchronization Blues

    iSync's ability to synchronize my contact information between my home and office computers is an invaluable tool. Synchronizing contacts between two accounts on the same machine however, has been a battle I have yet to win. My wife and I have different accounts on our iMac but we still have...
  6. bigbadbill

    iPod Portability at its finest!

    OMG! This is the perfect travel companion for my iPod, i MUST HAVE ONE!!!! Check it out: Anyone know how it sounds though?
  7. bigbadbill

    AppleScript for AirTunes?

    Anyone know of a way to write an applescript that will switch iTunes' sound to AirTunes remote speakers? Thanks in advance
  8. bigbadbill

    No Led Zeppelin!?!

    I was putting together a 70's iMix today and I was shocked and appalled to find that there are no Led Zeppelin tracks available for purchase from iTMS! Now I know Apple is constantly adding artists to the pile, but how could ANY collection be complete without Led Zeppelin? Maybe this is...
  9. bigbadbill

    Hey LaCie, where the hell are my 16GB's ??? :mad:

    Just added a 250 GB LaCie HD to my system and was shocked by how much disk space I was shorted — it only has capacity for 234GB. Now I know that every HD you buy doesn't quite offer what the box promises in disk space, but come on – 16 Gig's??? We're talking disk space, Stop exaggerating! ;)...
  10. bigbadbill

    Wireless behind a router

    HELP! My home network has Mac and PC's on it. I originally used an airport for a router but had problems keeping a connection on the PC. I replaced my Airport with a Linksys router and moved my airport behind the Linsys router to maintain a wireless connection for my laptop. I needed to turn...
  11. bigbadbill

    Panther Keychain Doesn't Work

    Keychain doesn't seem to work for me at all. There is no way that i can see to add a password to keychain when you log into a server. And even if I manually add an item to keychain it's gone on restart. Anyone else having keychain issues?
  12. bigbadbill

    Airport Forgpt my Password!

    My airport (Non-Extreme) is telling me I am entering the wrong password when i try to configure it. I know my password is correct (it's the only one I use), is there some way to reset the airport (besides taking a hammer to it!)?
  13. bigbadbill

    Posting to the Gallery

    When the Photo Gallery first came to I posted a destop picture i had created with no problem. Since then the interface has changed a bit and i cannot for the life of me figure out how to post more images. Please help!
  14. bigbadbill

    2 computers — 1 Port

    I have a DSL connection at work shared by about 5 computers through a router with a firewall. I have successfully opened port 548 to allow my boss to connect via AppleTalk to his office computer from home. Now I'd like to open another port to enable me to connect to my office computer from home...
  15. bigbadbill

    Alphabetical Order & Special Characters

    When using a special character ($, #, *, etc.) at the beginning of a file name, just about any will send the item to the top of a column when sorted alphbetically. I am trying to find some that will send the item to the bottom of the column (Besides ZZZ). I'd also like to know if there are any...
  16. bigbadbill

    OS9 on a NEW G4

    I have a new Dual Processor G4 and I have deleted my OS9 sytem folder that came pre-installed. As I understand it, I can't start this machine up on under OS9 but I can run Classic. How then can I re-install classic, since the install disk only runs under Classic, which I no longer have installed???
  17. bigbadbill

    Automation using barcodes

    Anyone know of a program or trick to use barcodes and a barcode scanner to launch apps and documents. I'd like to add barcodes to some documents that I can scan to open that doc for editing.
  18. bigbadbill

    The Screen Savers on TechTV

    I'm sure most of you know about this show, but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet. The Screen Savers on TechTV (formerly ZDTV) is a GREAT show and has really been giving Mac's a lot of coverage. The host (Leo Leporte) is a Mac enthusiest as well as many...
  19. bigbadbill

    Make a folder invisible?

    Anyone know of a way to make a folder invisible? Id like to hide the Desktop and Library folders on one of my partitions and was wondering if this was possible.
  20. bigbadbill

    Read Only Keychain ERROR!?!

    When connecting some of the computers in our office that are running OS9 I often get an error message when I try to save the Login and Password info to the keychain: Cannot save password to keychain. Keychain may be read only. I've check and the keychain is not read only and everthing...