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  1. nixgeek

    TenFourFox: Firefox 4.0b7 for Tiger & Leopard/ppc Users

    Came across this one via Low End Mac. Haven't had a chance to test it on my iMac G5 with Leopard because I need to replace 2 bad caps on it, but I'll be giving it a go on my father's dual-proc Quicksilver as well as my sister's iBook G4, both of which run Tiger...
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    Happy Pi Day!

    Let's all enjoy a piece of Pi on this day, shall we? ;)
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    iTunes 8.1 - Long Pause Before Playback After Hitting Play Button

    I upgraded to iTunes 8.1 when it showed up on Software Update. Since then, I've noticed that when I hit the Play button to play anything in my Library, there is a long pause (about 6-7 seconds) before the audio file starts playing. Have any of you had this happen to you? This is on 10.4.11...
  4. nixgeek

    Official Letter from Steve Jobs about His Health This is a quote from the Slashdot entry about it: Good to know the reasons for his weight loss as well as why he's not at Macworld this year. Hope he gets better for his sake and his family's sake as well.
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    This was epic! For those of you in the States that didn't catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, here it is. I LOLed for sure. ::ha::
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    May all of you celebrating (or even not celebrating) have a safe, happy, and blessed time today. :)
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    Woz?....COME ON DOOOWN!!!!

    There's a thread in the MacRumors forum that shows the Woz on The Price Is Right. I stumbled upon the link via
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    Apple Finally Sues Unlicensed Macintosh Cloner Psystar

    Looks like the axe finally fell.
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    To All the Dad's Here....

    May you all enjoy the day as you so wish. :) I also dedicate this wish to our late great bobw who was also a dad. Happy Father's Day, bobw.....we miss you so much. ::angel::
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    New Mac Virus!

    Time to fire up those antivirus apps and their definition updates. There's a new piece of malware called the Newton virus and can have a devastating effect on the Finder. Oh noes!!!! :eek: :p
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    Retrocomputing with Grandaddy

    Since we do talk about Apple and its products, I thought I would take us back in time with the Apple II. :) This is a music video by the band Grandaddy. It was created with a 1979 Apple II+ and the program was created using Applesoft BASIC. The...
  12. nixgeek

    GarageBand '08 and MIDI Out: Anyone??...

    I know that GB '08 was JUST released so I don't know if anyone would have a definitive answer. I've already checked on Apple's support pages to no avail, so here it goes. Does GB '08 finally have support for MIDI out? Previous versions did not have this feature, so I'm hoping that this...
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    To All the Dads (in the US and Abroad)...

    Happy Father's Day! And now, for a bit of humor... And last, but certainly not least.... :D :D Enjoy your day!
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    Power Mac G5 1.6 GHz Turns On but Won't Boot

    Hey guys. I'm going to need your help on this one. I've searched the forums and Google but I couldn't find a straight answer. I'm working on my father's Power Macintosh G5 1.6 GHz. It's the stock 1.6 GHz model and it has 10.3.9 installed. While it doesn't have the latest and greatest of...
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    "WTF" Mac Store??? Tilt your head to the left 90 degrees and you'll see the humor in this. :p
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    Baby David Arrives on 1/25

    Hey all. Just wanted to let you know that my wife will be giving birth to our third boy, David Emanuel Miranda, on January 25 (Thursday). It's going to be a planned C-section and it's scheduled for 10 AM. This will also be our last child as my wife is having her tubes tied. PLEASE keep us...
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    Apple to Possibly Charged for Boot Camp?

    Got this via Slashdot: Apple to charge Mac OS X Tiger users for final Boot Camp release? According to MacScoop, Apple might be charging current Tiger users on the Intel Macs for the final version of Boot Camp. The suspected cost will be $29. Those that purchase Leopard will already have...
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    My New Setup

    Well, now that I finally know why this section exists... :p Here's my newly configured setup now that I've moved everything from the old office (which is going to be the new baby room and eventually the boys' playroom). Not the best of scenarios, but functional nonetheless. :p Anyways, here...
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    Super Mario "Live"

    I'm sure some of you are familiar with The NEW Super Mario Bros. However, this has to be seen to be believed. I present to you.... Super Mario...LIVE! I love it!!!! :D Enjoy! ;)
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    Apple closes down kernel for OS X x86

    According to this link, the x86 version of the OS X kernel is now closed source. However, the PPC version is still available as open source: I had heard rumors about this happening, but Apple had denied that the x86...