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  1. TheFoodie

    How Can I Automatically Backup Apple Mail Email Database On My Hard Drive?

    Thanks Abrienne, the link Mail Backup X was a savior in my case as well.
  2. TheFoodie

    Switching This Week

    hello everyone. I am switching from my PC this week to MAC due to change of company. now my concern is my official mail account is synced to outlook in my PC through POP. if i switch to MAC, how am i going to deal with it. is it possible to carry these mails to MAC without intervening the flow...
  3. TheFoodie

    Backing Up My Mac Mails This post led me to the MAIL BACKUP X tool. The tool claims to auto backup my mails on HD. it claims to create a mirror base as well. the developers guided me through a TEAM VIEWER...
  4. TheFoodie

    Backing Up My Mac Mails

    won't that be risky cause the heap is worth 5gb+?? can time machine actually backup this load? i fear as these are my professional mails. can you brief me more about this CLONING thing?
  5. TheFoodie

    eat, code,sleep, repeat

    eat, code,sleep, repeat
  6. TheFoodie

    Mac Is Running Slow And Hot

    take a check at your activity monitor. it will help you know the processing of each running application. it keeps an account of cpu and memory usage. also, keep omitting your caches and temporary files. it will fasten your system.
  7. TheFoodie

    Backing Up My Mac Mails

    hi guys, i carry a load of around 5 gb of mails in my mac. now am afraid what if my hard drive crashes some day and I lose them all, the way my friend has been suffering now? Any idea how to get this heap backed up?