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  1. DeltaMac

    second hand mac

    Internet Recovery mode is available on any Mac newer than 2010 models, so neither of your "new" Macs are new enough for that. I suspect that the iMac is a mid-2007 model (which would originally have shipped with 1 GB of RAM (newer ones would have come with more RAM installed) The latest OS X...
  2. DeltaMac

    ATA HD from 2003 MDD - how to retrieve data to G5

    An empty optical drive can't mount. You need to insert a CD/DVD. My idea would be to swap out one of the optical drives for the hard drive.
  3. DeltaMac

    ATA HD from 2003 MDD - how to retrieve data to G5

    If the MDD won't power on, then you will need some way to connect the ATA HD. 2008 and 2012 Mac Pros are not G5. The PowerMac G5 looks very much like your MacPro, but has a G5 processor, rather than your newer Intel Zeon processors in the MacPro. The PowerMac G5s were sold new between 2003 and...
  4. DeltaMac

    Official: Mojave Thread

    Good find! Did you read the associated blog about that software? Looks like a very recent threat... says that Birdminer app might come with a download for a cracked version of Ableton Live 10. (Does that sound familiar? :cool: ) Sometimes...
  5. DeltaMac

    Official: Mojave Thread

    Random, really strange names on those two processes! I have seen similar before, and are probably part of bitcoin mining software (probably installed with something else that you downloaded recently) Before you quit those processes through your Activity Monitor, choose the info window, then...
  6. DeltaMac

    Is this malware? CPU 100% x2 drainage in Activity Monitor.

    Your sample shot shows the location of the file. Yes, it looks suspicious. Common malware puts randomly named processes in place to try to fool antivirus, or anti-malware utilities. If you have tried your Malwarebytes, and found nothing, that's likely why: It randomly renamed the processes as...
  7. DeltaMac

    Spinning pizza wheel ...

    Do you still have the spinning HDD in your 2009 MBPro? I suspect that your MBPro is still slow, because you still have the same hard drive. If that is the original hard drive, it's 10 years old. Probably caused the original frozen system. Replace now, even if the drive tests OK. IMHO, it fails...
  8. DeltaMac

    What have I done?

    Cool! I have never tried the preview pane until just now. Ya learn something new every day (or I do, anyway)
  9. DeltaMac

    What have I done? should be the one.
  10. DeltaMac

    What have I done?

    Hmm... Not sure... Can you show a screen shot of a folder that has content? How does it change in list view? If you can drag the divider to the the right - can you drag to the left? to the left border?
  11. DeltaMac

    Need ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext or MacBookPro9_2.plist from within

    Try reinstalling your system. That will probably work the best if you use a bootable installer, and not from your recovery system. You won't lose any of your files and apps, but a macOS reinstall will scan the existing system files, reinstall those that are missing, or in the wrong location...
  12. DeltaMac

    Icon? files

    I will offer the opinion that the file system used by the Synology NAS simply might not support custom folder icons in the same way as the Drobo or the Mac. If the icons file still is present in the folder, then there may not be a solution while you use the Synology NAS. But, that being said...
  13. DeltaMac

    OSX 10.4 install

    Does your intel iMac have an optical drive? If yes, you can install on the iBook, using the optical drive in the iMac. Connect the two with a Firewire cable. Start the iMac in Target disk Mode (Boot while holding the T key - you will see a floating firewire icon on the iMac screen) Insert the...
  14. DeltaMac

    How to transfer my data from PST to MBOX ?

    And, yet another Windows-only product ... Is reading without understanding becoming the new normal?
  15. DeltaMac

    Firewire 400 to USB adapter

    ? Your Late 2012 mini already has a firewire 800 port. Why not use that? All you need then is a FW400 to FW800 cable, such as this - That is the smaller Firewire connector that would often be found on a camera (also known as a 4-pin) If your camera...
  16. DeltaMac

    My mac thinks the option key is always held down

    Not sure what you mean by "looks normal"? The option key should show highlighted (key pressed) when you press the key, then release when YOU release the key You have two Option keys. When your keyboard viewer is displayed, press and release EACH Option keys, one at a time. Do you get the same...
  17. DeltaMac

    VLAN questions

    Oh, well... Got it... Thanks for the (short) education. Does that little microrouter then give you more signal range than the internet sharing that's internal to the macOS system? (edit)Nevermind, now I understand, you are using the AREDN firmware to make the connection process part of the...
  18. DeltaMac

    VLAN questions

    "Ethernet interface", in my addled brain, is one that has an ethernet connector. The only pictures that I see of the USB150 (I don't have one of those), is one that resembles a USB flash drive, with no connectors, other than the USB used for power. So, virtual network connection, that the...
  19. DeltaMac

    VLAN questions

    I thought at first that you were going after a high-security VPN of some kind - but now I see that you work with (or have a hobby around) something that, to me, is a very narrow function: emergency, or as-needed communication setup. Am I correct about that? But, taking a wild stab at this...
  20. DeltaMac

    VLAN questions

    No, it's not clear at all to me what you want to achieve. You seem to be describing different LAN configurations, without also telling what your goal is: Security? Network connection versatility? Connecting other devices, such as a CNC router? You DON'T say what kind of devices you are...