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  1. Matrix Agent

    Cool cell phones?

    By "cool" I mean that this phone must be reasonably priced (<150), and must be compatible with US systems. I like nokia phones in particular, especially because of their ease-of-use and thorough design. If anyone has an experience to share about very small phones with the above qualties, I...
  2. Matrix Agent

    Just a pet peeve....

    But since when has the "mac" been referred to as MAC? As if it is an acronym of some sorts? To say the least, it bothers me a least enough to start a thread about it?.Anyone care to vent their frustration/explain this phenomenon? :D
  3. Matrix Agent

    Jaguar review is front page news on CNN!

    The review is very positive! Read up here: Quotes: "Mac OS X offers more reason to switch", "And it is far less intrusive than Windows XP, which can render a PC worthless unless users "activate" their copy with the...
  4. Matrix Agent

    The Matrix Agent Diary

    Inspired by sites such as, I have decided to write a pilot diary, to see if it actually works, at least on that is. I'd build a blog, but I lack the time and energy... So, if there are no objections, let's begin... Hmm... What do I want to talk about? Let's start...
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    Weird Article on Apple/Netscape Front Page

    I had just re-installed, so this default page was still listed as my home page. (I prefer About:Blank :D) So I click on this link, and there is a racy three line article on how much a man loves... well, just read it. Warning, its a lude, crude one. Is this a joke?
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    Cool T-Shirts?

    You guys know of any places to get cool T-Shirts, with clever/funny statements, like this one? They need not be mac involved, and I'm not looking for something really extremist, the predicts apocalyptic scenarios by the US gov't, thats neither funny/clever. Just looking for some fun T-Shirts...
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    Join the Folding Team!

    To the top of the charts! Our team number is 10361. A link to the software is at this page: Folding@Home is a program like SETI@Home, that uses disributed computing to finish complex problems, in this case, protein folding patterns. The best part is...
  8. Matrix Agent

    Anyone own a Nokia 7110/7160/7190?

    I've been thinking about buying a new cellular phone, since well, it looks like someone shot it. Literally. Most likely I will stay with Nokia, since I find those to be the most ergonomically designed phones. (Anyone ever tried a motorola menu? :rolleyes: ) I will problably spend no more...
  9. Matrix Agent

    Do Apple's Policies Help It's Competitors?

    I was thinking about this the other day: Apple: -Pushed USB -First in Firewire -Popularized 802.11b -Built In WiFi Antennae -Moved to LCD -Popularizing Bluetooth -Basically Created Consumer Video Editing -Created Consumer DVD Burning -Side Opening Towers -Popularized Gigabit...
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    The above title is my toungue-in-cheek way of exemplifying the kind of thread labling used on this site. More and more often I see threads entitled "Problem" and "Help." Please join me in correcting this problem, the site will run much more efficently. If you see a user (generally new) who...
  11. Matrix Agent

    eMac to be released today as a consumer machine.

    Think Secret said so, and SimX did not.:) Does the spell out the end of the line for the classic iMac? Whether or not, I applaud this decsion, it will help Apple's entry-level signifigantly.
  12. Matrix Agent

    MOSR predicts 100% increase in proc speed by MWNY.

    Make your own decision.;)
  13. Matrix Agent

    Case Suggestions for the iPod?

    So I've just recieved my new iPod, and predictably, its completely emptied my pockets. So, when I run into some more money, I know what my next purchase is going to be: a case. This case needs to keep all scratches off of the surface, both front and back. It all needs to be durable enough to...
  14. Matrix Agent

    Connection Trouble With Apple Remote Desktop

    I've decided to use ARD to admin an OS 9 computer from an OS X laptop, in order to get a feel for this program. The OS X laptop is connected to the net through Airport. The computer I'm trying to connect to is connected strictly through ethernet cable. These two computers are basically sharing a...
  15. Matrix Agent

    Congrats to testuser!

    I've just notived that testuser has reached the most important number of all. 1139!:p
  16. Matrix Agent

    Wow! This Is Great! ! ! !

    Our favorite site { &} was refrenced today by our other favorite site {} Isn't this exciting. Well admin, I hope this is satisfying for you. First mac geniuses are promoting the boards, and now jack and katie are refrencing it in their shows. Great job...
  17. Matrix Agent

    College Experience?

    I know there are a lot of people on the boards who are still in HS, so I figure this will interest you too. I want to state from the start that I'm not talking about partying here, I'm talking about the overall college experience. Since I'm a Junior in HS I'm beginning to look around at where...
  18. Matrix Agent

    Cool new site which gives audio reports of all of apple-related news for the day. Loads quickly too.:)
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    Future of interplanetary space travel?

    I know we have a lot of sci-fi space geeks, and physcics/math students out there, so I figured i'd run this by your for fun. What are some cool ideas for space travel? I've heard of solar wind sails, anti-matter drives, and ion propulsion systems, anyone heard of some cool ideas. I had...
  20. Matrix Agent

    Interesting take on "Gigawire" Summary: This guy thinks that the new standard "802.11e" which allows for tansfer speeds up to 54Mbps is a wireless incarnation of Firewire. Huh? Sounds cool.:)