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  1. Rhisiart

    Spinning pizza wheel ...

    I recently had to re-install El Capitan onto my 2009 MacBook Pro due to a 'frozen screen'. No problems getting the OS installed, however, now the laptop is so slow! I am constantly seeing the spinning pizza wheel and some programmes (like Pages) seem to take an eternity to load. I have used...
  2. Rhisiart

    Firewire 400 to USB adapter

    I want to connect my old camera with a Firewire 400 connector to my new(ish) Mac mini. Does anyone know if you can a Firewire 400 connector to 2.0 USB adapter? If not, can I get a Firewire to a Thunderbolt adapter? My Mac mini is a late 2012 model. Thank you.
  3. Rhisiart

    Keyboard connector ....

    Is it possible to purchase a USB connector to connect to this cable? See photo.
  4. Rhisiart

    Safari Keep Crashing ....

    Safari Version 11.0.3 (11604. This is occurring on my 2009 MacBook Pro (see Signature below for details). Safari restarts and reopens the page that's crashed (although if it is a YouTube video, the video has to restart from the beginning). I am sure it is an easy fix, but I don't...
  5. Rhisiart

    Phishing Emails ...

    I know Bob's Place is mainly for light stuff but I didn't know where else to ask this question. I am getting up to 20 phishing emails a day from China. I know they are from China because if I hover the mouse over one of the bogus links in the email I can see that if I clicked on the link I...
  6. Rhisiart

    How Do Alter Mail Functions In An Iphone

    My iPhone 5SE shows emails in "Organise by Conversation". How can I change this so emails are shown separately?
  7. Rhisiart

    Java Se 6

    I upgraded my Macbook Pro to 10.11.6 today and then installed Adobe Photoshop CS3. However I am told I have to install Java SE 6 to run Photoshop. I don't know where to find it despite a Google search. Anybody have any suggestions please?
  8. Rhisiart

    Video Degradation ...

    I have a handful of musical MP4 videos that; (i) are losing picture quality, and (ii) losing sync between the music and the artist's performance. Why does this happen over time and is there anything I can do to prevent this?
  9. Rhisiart

    Sierra And Apple Mail

    Since upgrading to Sierra my email messages extend so far horizontally that I can't read up to 30% of the message. Anyone else noticed this?
  10. Rhisiart


    How to I activate dictation on Sierra. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  11. Rhisiart

    Sierra Upgrade ...

    I am thinking of upgrading to Sierra. However does anyone know if Adobe Photoshop CS3 works with it?
  12. Rhisiart

    Safari Taken Over ...

    I thought I'd share the following information. Just found some malware on my Mac. See image attached. Couldn't access anything on Safari. Found a solution here:
  13. Rhisiart

    Wi-fi Problem Specifically To One Device ...

    Our router is in the lounge attached with an ethernet cable to the TV digibox (which works fine). All the other devices in our house connect via wi-fi. My laptop has an excellent connection with good speeds, but my Mac Mini's connection keeps dropping with slow speeds? Any suggestions from...
  14. Rhisiart

    El Capitan And Apple Mail

    Since upgrading to 10.11 I am having problems deleting mail in the Apple Mail programme. I delete an email only for it to bounce back into my inbox within a few seconds. Any suggestions anyone? P.S. I have rebuilt the mailbox with no success.
  15. Rhisiart

    El Capitan & Photoshop Cs3

    Does anyone know whether Photoshop CS3 will work normally on El Capitan?
  16. Rhisiart

    Grey Screen

    I had difficulty starting my Mac today. I got a grey screen. I rebooted a few times and each time I was left with just a grey screen. Eventually I rebooted again and this time the Mac started correctly. Any ideas what was or is the problem?
  17. Rhisiart

    Apple Mail Problem

    My wife's email account is playing up. She deletes emails from her inbox and then empties the trash. Lo and behold half and hour later the emails have returned into her inbox. She simply can't delete any of the thousands of emails in her inbox. Any help with this matter would be gratefully...
  18. Rhisiart

    Visualhub Blues ...

    My goodness, I miss that wonderful app VisualHub. I think it ran out of steam after Lion. I now use Wondershare for Mac for converting videos and audio files. It's good, but not as good as VisualHub. However can anyone suggest a good replacement for VisualHub?
  19. Rhisiart

    Intermittent Wifi

    I can connect to my router using the laptop via wi-fi, but when I close the laptop the connection drops. When I log back into the laptop I have to manually connect back to the wi-fi. I can't work out why this is happening and would appreciate any advice.
  20. Rhisiart

    Environmental concerns

    Tim Cook CEO of Apple gets angry with some shareholders.