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  1. toast

    Very nice, Scott

    Gone ! Want to keep in touch: email - iChatAV: brat270783
  2. toast

    The "Logs" folder took 700Mb disk space...

    Gone ! Want to keep in touch: email - iChatAV: brat270783
  3. toast

    Help me finding the perfect word processor

    Bored with Word. Why: crashes all the time. Bored with TextEdit. Why: stylesheet handling sucks. No pagination. So please help me finding the perfect text processor ! :D The features I need : - Mac OS X native (no OS9, no X11) - Stylesheets - Pagination - Zoom - Character count -...
  4. toast

    What is your last study ?

    Most of us are students or former students. We are all studying something at the moment, or have been quite recently. I'l just being curious: what are you studying right now ? This could be a class you like or dislike, a book you (have to) read, an article, a survey, anything. Here's my...
  5. toast

    Safari is messing up encodings ! Argh !

    I'm trying to read this page (written in basic, simple, correctly encoded Republican American): But this is what I get (see attachement)… My settings are damn normal: in Prefs, default encoding is Occidental (ISO 1), and I have tried...
  6. toast

    Google not working ?

    "There is no website configured at this address." Tried and
  7. toast

    Desperate: OS9 systematically crashes after my Panther intall...

    This is getting very annoying. I've installed Panther. Then I tried to boot back to OS9, a few days after, to play UT. Problem: it crashes at launch (just after the Welcome to Mac OS screen appears). MacsBug says dFSErr 18. Doesn't ring a bell, but sounds serious. So, I try to hard reboot...
  8. toast

    Microsoft's bounty

    From newsletters. THE WEEK IN REVIEW: Microsoft's bounty Microsoft is so fed up with the recent spate of viruses that it has declared open season on the authors who release them onto the Internet. ------------------------------------------ The software maker has created a...
  9. toast

    Panther problem: fuzzy screen when waking

    I don't understand this. I set my comp to sleep. When I wake it up, the screen is fuzzy and screen settings are slightly modified (bottom of Dock offscreen). Quite annoying. Any solution ?
  10. toast

    Studying intellectual property

    Hello people, As a student in political science, I have chosen to place the coming student year under the sign of intellectual property. I'll be working out two things on this topic: 1) First, my seminary memoir is a study of intellectual property on the Internet; my study angle is the...
  11. toast

    Post your desktop !

    I've just installed Panther, which was an occasion for me to improve my desktop's appearance. Here it is ! Feel free to post your Panther (or simply OSX) desktop !
  12. toast

    Panther installed on my G3/500

    Indigo G3/50MHz, was equipped with 10.2.6 when updated. Panther 10.3 runs like a dog. Fast. New more efficient Finder. Exposé's cool. Mail's a bit better (was already fine). I'm enjoying this thing :)
  13. toast

    Attaching files from the Finder.

    50% of my computer time I spend sending and receiving files. I'm looking for a way to ctrl-click a file and to have the option somewhere in the ctrl menu to attach the file to a new mail. I use and I'm not quite satisfied with the Finder Services menu. Anyone has another option ?
  14. toast

    How record a MiniDisc to MP3 ?

    Hello, I've recorded an interview on the radio using my MiniDisc. I need to make a MP3 of it. I have a tool that usually allows you to hijack a source and to encode it to MP3, called Audio HiJack Pro. I could also do this with freeware WaveTap from Ambrosia. BUT : MacOSX is being a...