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  1. davede

    Trash won't empty_ .pzp locked?

    I am getting this messege: The operation cannot be completed because the item "Yearly Theme Pack012.pzp" is locked. The item changes but the .pzp and locked is consistent. Thanks! DD iBook G4 Mac os x 10.4.11
  2. davede

    .mac appears can't see address

    People link thier names etc to "mail" I click on it and my iBook opens .MAC account registration...I just want to SEE the address and copy it into a web based e-mail account. What to do...Thanks! DD
  3. davede

    iPhoto sharing, e-mail to go daddy web application?

    iPhoto tries to open mac.mail or entourage neither of which work on my computer. Can the e-mailable files be saved to a folder or directly up loaded tp a web based application? Thanks! DD
  4. davede

    microphone plugin iBook G4?

    Is this little pinhole on the display the builtin mic? Is there no way to plug in a mic to the iBook G4? I would like to use a headset and mic for chatting on skype. Thanks! DD