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  1. lurk

    Gotta like the new PC Server Icon

    So I was browsing the file servers at work today and I noticed that the PC Server icons had a bit of a familiar look. Someone enjoys their job in Apple's graphics department.
  2. lurk

    Libraries and iTunes and AppleTVs, Oh My!

    I was wondering if anyone had some great ideas about how to split up my iTunes library. My problem is that my laptop only has a 100 GB hard drive, while my Apple TV has a 140 GB hard drive. Now I do have an external hard drive to use for backup purposes that is 500 MB, and conceivably while...
  3. lurk

    Pianist on a truck - or am I insane?

    Howdy, I was having a discussion with my wife an now I must beg for information from the internets to resolve the question. I seem to remember a music video with a woman who plays piano on a flat bed truck that is driven through the streets of New York. Now I thought that this was Norah...
  4. lurk

    MacBook and dual display

    Howdy, I have a question for the new MacBook owners out there. I heard that they have removed the restriction from the iBook that you could not hook up a monitor and get dual displays, but I am not so sure after reading the marketing literature on this one. Which I interpret as saying...
  5. lurk

    Ad Image Plagerism on MacOSX?

    Howdy, I just thought I saw an add for Handbrake here on MacOSX which I thought was mighty odd. But in clicking on it I couldn't find any reference to that app. So what is up with that, is it just a case of one of the advertisers swiping an image that they thought looked cool? I have...
  6. lurk

    I was going to reinstate my "attaboy" for Scott

    ... but all the search related threads have been closed. Sometimes this site feels like a bizarre sort of exercise in self-destructive codependency. I wonder where is edx? Possibly, he could give his informed diagnosis ;)
  7. lurk

    Why did you kill searching?

    Howdy Scott, I just stopped by for my semi-daily macosx fix and I see that I cannot get the new posts anymore because search has been disabled. Is there a new way of doing things? I can't see any links that look promising. Thanks!
  8. lurk

    Nano as thumbdrive...

    Just one little question regarding using your iPod as a usb Disk. In days of old you had to pick either mac or dos compatibility; you could not use your ipod to move files form a Mac to a PC for instance. Now I was told that this has changed for newer iPods, is that correct? If so how, are...
  9. lurk

    Usenet Gateway

    Sorry to keep complaining about stuff ;) I was wondering if it would be possible to exclude the usenet gateway from things like searches for new posts, maybe as a user setting. I come here specifically for the people I know and respect and not the Usenet riffraff. Again sorry to...
  10. lurk

    What is with the Spam from

    I woke up to spam from today telling me to get back here to find out about all the terrible things 10.3.9 will break! Do you know where your kids are!?!? All over a broken safari plugin - can you say fear mongering? I am really disappointed with this site today and just thought I...
  11. lurk

    Pages is not scriptable...

    The thread title says it all. Pages does not support apple script. I had such high hopes for using it as the basis for some auto-generated documents. Well it looks like LaTeX still will be with me for a while.
  12. lurk

    I just got iWork ;-)

    We will see how well it works... if you have any questions I can try some stuff out for any curious parties.
  13. lurk

    iChat name suspended

    Today when I logged into iChat I got the following error. Could not connect to AIM Your screen name has been suspended and cannot be used to log in. I only use iChat to talk to my wife and one other person at work, I cannot for the life of me think of anything that I did that violated...
  14. lurk

    Used 12 inch PB advice

    Howdy, I am looking into getting a used 12 inch 867MHz powerbook to replace my dying TiBook. Are there any gotchas or particular problems with that model that I should be on the lookout for? Thanks, -Lurk
  15. lurk

    iMovie Performance on Powerbooks

    Howdy All, I was just wondering about the usability of iMovie and the like is on the new powerbooks. I tried to use it on my 667 Mhz G4 and it was really kind of disappointing. Would getting one of the new 1.25 Ghz machines help that much? Or is this really a G5 only need apply sort of...
  16. lurk

    Help me pick a wimpy iMac

    Howdy all, I am thinking of getting an old gumdrop iMac for my kids (4 and 2) to get them off of my machine and I was wondering how low could I go an still ahve a functional machine. I want to run OS X on it since I am not an OS 9 kind of guy. So If the game says it need a 233MHz machine...
  17. lurk

    Making Icons (help me help myself)

    Howdy all, I have a Photoshop / icon creation question for all of you more skilled in the art than I. I have seen lots of icons which appear to be styalized versions of photographs like these cell phones Now it may be that those where drawn free...
  18. lurk

    Ads (just technical stuff and bugs)

    Howdy, The other ads threads were looking a little crowded and I was afraid my little bug reports might get lost so I started this new thread for discussing just the technical aspects of the ads. The flame wars have other threads so post that stuff there. Me I just want the ads to be the...
  19. lurk

    Suggestions for Kottke-iPhoto-esque tunes

    Howdy, I was wondering if anybody had suggestions of an album of songs similar to the iPhoto music Apple provides. In particularl stuff in the vain of [i]Jesu, Joy of man's desiring[\i] which is very simple. The Kottke stuff I have heard before has usually been much more complex although my...