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    Java chat not loading on any browsers

    It used to work, and I think the problem has to do with a Java update on the site. So I went to Java preferences and deleted the applets, but it didn't fix the problem. How can I get Java to work again? Thanks.
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    computer-monitor hook-up

    I've had a mac powerbook g4 for a number of years, and the monitor suddenly shut down while I was using it (the darkest setting seems to be the only one in use, so I can't really see anything, although the computer is working fine.) If I hook up the comp to a separate lcd monitor will it work...
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    Problem with SEAGATE

    A few weeks ago I bought a seagate 200GB external harddrive. I loaded a variety of files onto it with no problem, but when I turned it on again my computer told me that the harddrive is unreadable. I've had the same problem since. I haven't dropped the seagate. I bought it new and it looks...
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    Compact Flash

    I'm trying to load a compact flash card onto my G4 powerbook. I am using a compact flash IBM microdrive. Although the green light is on, signifying that it's plugged in, it's not working at all. Does it only work with PC's?
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    Converting PDF to JPEG

    I understand one can do this via printer drivers, however my laptop is not hooked up to any printers. What is the best way to convert PDF files to JPEG files, without utilizing programs which leave watermarks on the pictures?
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    when the tiger comes out..

    Is it possible that a new computer will be revealed when Tiger comes out? I need a new computer, and I may purchase a G4 IBOOK. But, does it make more sense to wait for Tiger to come out and then buy a computer so I don't have to pay extra for the operating system, or should I wait for a G5...
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    G5 Laptop Predictions

    Short Version: When do you think the first G5 laptop will come out and why? Long Version: I am equipped with only an antiquated blueberry colored macintosh IBOOK that attains the genes of a toilet seat. That's right, the IBOOK that came out before the old IBOOK. "How did you get...
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    IPOD Probs (4th gen)

    I just acquired a new 20 GB Ipod + HP. *I understand that * > the Ipod + HP works with PCs in addition to Macs. *Two Macs are * > available to me, one of which is running on OS 8.6, and the other one * > is running on Mac OS 10.1.3 *I would love to be able to load songs * > from the latter...
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    .sit, .zip, other types not recognized PLEASE HELP

    I am using a Mac Os 8.6 and it only recognizes file types like .mp3 and .mpeg but not .zip or .sit.. how can I fix this?
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    Error Message

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am used to using a Mac OSX, however right now the only computer available to me is a mac 0S 8.6. I have come to this forum never-the-less, because you guys are always very helpful. When I try to download programs, I get...
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    File Sharing/Java

    I am used to using a Mac OSX, however right now the only computer available to me is a mac 0S 8.6. I have come to this forum never-the-less, because you guys are always very helpful. When I try to download programs such as Limewire Pro, I get an error message looking like this...
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    Broken Comp

    My IBOOK laptop, which runs on operating system 10.2, broke after I used a paper towel with water to try to clean the space bar (which had ink on it.) Soon after removing the ink, the mouse froze and I was forced to restart my computer, however when I attempted to reboot it, the computer beeped...
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    Coolpix 800 compatibility w/ IPHOTO

    Do I need a system CD for my Nikon Coolpix 800 camera if I have IPHOTO? I've looked for drivers on the interent and I can't find any (only updates) !!! I have downloaded NikonView, however. Also, I need a usb cable for my camera. I can go out and buy one at radio shack, but does it have...
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    Opening .wmv files in Mac OS v.10.2

    Does anyone know of a program that I can download which will let me open .wmv files? I downloaded the Windows Media Player for Mac OSX, figuring that it might allow me to open .wmv formatted files. But, I can't even install the Media Player, because I am forced to Force Quit the installer...
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    Problem With Itunes

    After using Itunes for MACOSX for over a year without any problems, I tried opening the application and I got a message saying "The Itunes Music Library file cannot be read because it does not appear to be a valid library file." Meanwhile, ITUNES does appear in the lib on my computer, but I may...
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    .avi files etc. downloading movies

    I have the new IBook and I'm getting a high speed connection to the internet. I want to download movies, but I know that my computer needs to be able to download .avi files or other strange files to do so. Right now my computer can't do that. What can I do to fix that problem? Your help will...
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    Mac OSX upgrade

    I am curious when the next upgrade will come out for Mac OSX? Do any of you have the slightest idea when this moment will come?