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    QuarkXpress 6 experience

    Now that QuarkXPress 6 has been released I was curioius if anyone has had time to test it and share their experience with using QuarkXpress 6. We are planning our MacOS 10 migration this year and will need a robust package for our designers. Thanks!
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    Font Management on 10.2

    I know this has been brought up time and time again on these boards but I was wondering if any creative agencies have real world experience working with font management on OS 10 I am currently looking at Suitcase, Font Reserve, and Font Agent Pro. There are some pro's and con's to each but I...
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    IBM and PowerPC 405 linux based PDA's

    The article can be found here: I wonder if Apple is going to jump on this with their devices. Not a PDA persay but PDA-like iPod-like hybrids. Could Apple run the GUI on top of a linux kernel? Could they even do the dirty and get Mach...
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    Apple to go x86 for sure. Got proof. This is it folx. This is what was coming down the line. I never thought Apple would do it. I protested it but I knew once Apple decided to start charging for iApps that it was game over for the PowerPC. Apple has been...
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    New Moderators... what does that mean?

    Does this mean they will have to be more objective in their replies to forum threads? I hope not.
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    New Apple PalmOS Device?

    I just found an article on CNET about Palms unwillingness to comment about Apple being a new PalmOS licensee. In the Artcile they say Ok I have gone from one side of the spectrum to the other. I was once a huge newton fan and...
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    New AvantGO replacement for MacOS X

    I just got a Sony Clie NX60 and have been hit with a double wammy. Not only can I not sync with my mac until I get add-on software but I can't use avantgo under 10.2.1 I found a nice little replacement called iSiloX. I went to and found some guys who posted some alternate...
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    MacOS 10 on Intel.

    What if you have it all wrong? What if apple is working on an iPad, or some new reincarntion of the old Messagepad 2000 on an Intel Strongarm processor? What if Apple on Intel turns out to be a brand new Messagepad running MacOS 10 instead of NewtonOS? What if it is MacOS 10 with NewtonOS...
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    iPod revision -> iPod 2 wishlist

    I was curious if anyone knows anything about the iPod and if it will ever be revised? Here is a wish list in order of importance to me. On my wish list are: 1. Color Screen 2. larger screen 3. mpeg4 audio/video playback 4. Quicktime Picture viewer 5. Quicktime movie playback 6. An...
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    Is Radeon part of the RagePro 2D family?

    I was curious if anyone knows if the OEM Radeons were part of the Rage Pro 2D family (excluding the 3D) The reason I am asking is to find out if I am imagining things or did 10.1.5 really accelerate my G4's 2D redraw. It's not as apparent as it is on my iMac/233. The iMac is blatantly...
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    Font smoothing and speeding up processes

    I have been playing with a Prefernce pane called "TinkerTools" and an application called renicer to see if I can speed up Application performance. Font Smoothing: With Tinkertools, I've disabled the Font Smoothing in CoreGraphics. I have seen an increase of performance that is quite...
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    Apache/Web Sharing won't startup solution

    I posted this a few weeks ago and no one responded. I wanted to start a new thread but this time make the thread subject more specific to the problem. I have heard of this problem happening more now with 10.1 out. Original Thread: Webserver error "caught SIGTERM, shutting down" Date...
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    Webserver error "caught SIGTERM, shutting down"

    I know there was a previous thread on this issue and I wanted to start a new thread in the hopes of finding out what is going on. Here is the back story: After running the 10.0.4 update and the webserver update, trying to get the webserver to start up results in it not starting up. In the...