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  1. CharlieJ

    Interactive presentation with iPad? Adobe air?? Keynote?

    Hey guys, It's been a VERY long time since I was last here on this forum. Well, in the top right of the screen it does say . You may know me as "CharlieJ" or "CJ MAC OSX IPOD". Don't worry, things have changed now, I'm far more mature (previously there were debates around my poor spelling...
  2. CharlieJ

    iMac G5 Airport, Hard Drive & RAM upgrades

    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace a few bits in my iMac. Just to verify - what airport card, hard drive and ram do I need for my iMac G5?? Charlie
  3. CharlieJ

    HD Capture card for mac?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a HDMI HD capture card for my iMac. Does anyone know of a good quality capture card at a good price? Charlie
  4. CharlieJ

    Buttons to run shell commands?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to write a simple application in Objective-C (Please move this topic) I have designed my GUI, I have two buttons, I want one to execute a shell and the other to execute the ctrl-c command. So I want one button to start a service, and the other to stop the service...
  5. CharlieJ

    ShoutCast Broadcaster for Mac?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to broadcast to a ShoutCast Server. Does anybody know of a decent broadcast that runs in Mac OSX, Not Wine, crossover e.t.c.? Charlie
  6. CharlieJ

    Magic Mouse

    What do you think? Anyone out there got one already?? Personally (after using it for a few hours) I think it is by far the nicest mouse I have ever used! The touch motions are as natural as the iPhones! The design of it fits perfectly in your hand and glides around whatever surface it is...
  7. CharlieJ

    Network needs an upgrade...

    Hi guys, I'm looking to renew my network as I have problems with my router crashing during gaming and in need of a 802.11n router. I've been looking at a few N-Routers, I've been looking at the D-Link DIR-825, It looks good, although, it lacks an internal modem. I suppose, I could use my...
  8. CharlieJ

    MacBook harddrive upgrades?

    Hello, I'm thinking about upgrading my hard drive of my MacBook 2.16ghz Would this drive work? Does it just need to be a SATA laptop drive?,42240000,47250000,4294951586&InMerch=1...
  9. CharlieJ


    Hello guys. I'm thinking about building a 'hackintosh' I'd like to run Mac OSX primarily, but run Windows in bootcamp. What does my PC have to have in order to run OSX, such as, do I have to have a specific graphics card, motherboard e.t.c. Also: Is doing this illegal? Even if I have a legit...
  10. CharlieJ

    Setting up a LDAP server??

    Hey guys, I'm looking to setup a LDAP server. I could do it locally on an old machine. Is there any kind of application that is easy to setup? I'm looking to share email contacts around the office, so somebody in another room could save contacts to the server and see the contacts and easily...
  11. CharlieJ

    Powermac G4 'Issues'

    Hey guys, I've got a few things i'd like to sort out on my G4. I've got a 3rd party wireless card, I was wondering if it is possible to use that with the apple wireless utility (or another similar 3rd party application) Could somebody link me to something (if it excists) Also: I'm having...
  12. CharlieJ

    Can I use my old mac with Airtunes?

    I'm looking to doing this: MacBook -)via airtunes)) Powermac G4. So basically I want to play music on my macbook and the sound coming out of my stereo (which the G4 is connected too) without buying an airport thing. Is this possible? I found this airport hack, but I can't download it too try...
  13. CharlieJ


    Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying a mic to record some vocals for some music. I'll be using Logic or Garageband with my MacBook. Could you recommend me a reasonably priced one? Charlie
  14. CharlieJ

    Play music Mac - Mac via Airtunes?

    Is this possible? I'm getting a MacBook and i'm wanting to play music through my speakers. But, I don't want to use cables. Is it possible (like the airport base stations) to use an old mac to play through the speakers? So [MACBOOK]))WIFI))[ROUTER][CAT5][POWERMACG4] I'm wanting to play...
  15. CharlieJ

    iPod 5G Old firmware?

    Hey guys, I've been searching for the Old IPSW's everywhere. I'm having trouble with the latest. Could anybody send me the files? or link me to them? 1.2 would be great. Thanks, Charlie.
  16. CharlieJ

    xbox 360 via airport express?

    Hey guys! I'm looking to use an airport express to connect my xbox 360 to xbox live. Do you guys have any idea how this can be achieved? Charlie
  17. CharlieJ

    iMac cracked screen!!!

    Hey I have cracked my screen in my iMac 17" Core Duo. Could somebody please tell me where I could get a replacement screen?? Preferably English! Thanks CJ
  18. CharlieJ

    What HD camcorder??

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a HD camcorder. I'm a big fan of canon but cant find a Hard drive camcorder for around £400-£500. Does anyone know of a decent camera for around that price? Thanks Charlie
  19. CharlieJ

    Speeding up my G3

    Hello. I have a G3. I would like to speed it up with some software. Is there anything I can run to close some background apps that arent needed e.t.c... Thanks Charlie
  20. CharlieJ

    PHP Help!

    Right. I am attempting to learn php. I am trying to insert text into a table of a database. I have 4 documents: config.php index.php process.php submit.php Index Code: [PHP]<? include("submit.php"); ?>