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  1. Lesto

    What Is The Best Season To Travel?

    Of course, it depends on the destination but in general, spring and autumn are the best times to travel. Personally, I travel often and consider that each season has own advantages. If you are looking for the best destination to travel in fall, read this article...
  2. Lesto

    Is it safe visiting Ireland?

    The Irish are lovely and very friendly. When I was visiting Dublin there were zero issues. But you are right, it's important to know everything about the place you are going to visit, in order to avoid troubles. I can suggest a list of travel forums, maybe there you get to find all the answers...
  3. Lesto

    What are essential things to pack when traveling?

    Except for money, docs and insurance, I can't travel without power bank, headphones, smartphone, travel apps and many more. Here is a good article which can help you avoid travel mistakes, just check it out
  4. Lesto

    Do you like to read?

    I like to read about adventure and journeys, that's why I prefer to read travel blogs. Once I was thinking about creating own blog and maybe someday I will do that. Also, I read books but rare.
  5. Lesto

    Where to spend a vacation in September?

    I don’t know where to spend it, what is your favorite place in Europe?
  6. Lesto

    What is your hobby?

    I like sport, reading books, cooking and traveling. Actually, most of my free time I am traveling, it inspires and motivates me. I love to explore new places. In order to travel cheaper, I always book the accommodation on Booking in advance and buying flights, as early as it's possible...
  7. Lesto

    Would you prefer to work from home or work in office?

    I work remotely for 5 years already. There are plenty of advantages of remote work, for example, you save time and money, you plan your day as you want, you work as many hours as you want, it’s easier to eat healthily etc. Freelancing is a great opportunity for everyone...
  8. Lesto

    Where is the most beautiful place in the world to visit?

    I have to plan my next trip but I don't know where to go, any ideas?
  9. Lesto

    Travel apps

    There are so many kinds of travel apps. Whatever you need for a trip - tickets, food near you, a local guide or car rental etc. All kind of travel related sites/apps you can find here . The best travel source, I've ever found.
  10. Lesto

    Ios App Development

    You should have enough money and find a good developer, in this case, the project will be successful. The cost completely depends on the average time required to develop an app, hourly rate of app development etc. Besides, the cost can vary from developer to developer. Here is a good article...
  11. Lesto

    youtube downloaders

    There are a lot of ways but I mention you some easy ways.. Free way - copy url and go to any onlline downloading service (YouTubNow, for example) Paid solution, but with more features - Airy YouTube downloader, Mac version has good features (Mp3 extracting, downloading Playlists in mp3 or in...
  12. Lesto

    What media player for Mac is the best?

    Guys, what is your favorite media player?
  13. Lesto

    Top Apps For Mac

    There are countless useful apps for Mac. Personally, I am a big fan of irreplaceable apps. But the most useful app is SyncMate, I suppose. This app makes my life much easier, it helps to sync data on your Mac and multiple devices
  14. Lesto

    How To Design A Homepage?

    The design is one of the most important parts of your app. Visual perception plays the main role. To be honest, it's better to read this article, I hope you'll find the answers -