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  1. Qion

    The end of my love for Apple, the iPad

    I thought I'd empty my bank account the day Apple introduced their idea of a tablet interface. This technology would ideally inform the next generation of computing hardware of what to look like and how to operate, but the iPad fails to achieve anywhere near that level of importance. Maybe this...
  2. Qion

    Mac Pro - iMac Upgrade

    I haven't posted here in a long time, but I have a serious upgrade question to ask: would it be worth the $400-500 to upgrade my current machine (a 2.66GHz quad-core Mac Pro) to the new 27" quad-core iMac? My current setup is the aforementioned Mac Pro connected to two 22" run of the mill LCD...
  3. Qion

    Hitting the ceiling...

    It seems to me that the processor speeds of our personal computers are approaching a kind of singularity. Given our current GUIs and tasks that we tax our computers with, our processors simply have become fast enough to handle it all without much necessary improvement. For instance, I do a lot...
  4. Qion

    iPhone 3G

    I'll be going to my local AT&T store the day they're available. My current 8GB iPhone is now worth about 75 dollars, but who cares? When the current technology is only $199, I'm a happy Qion! Also very excited about the programs I saw in the keynote; really fantastic stuff.
  5. Qion

    Massive Cars

    Over Memorial Day weekend, I drove 700 miles to northern Michigan and back. It feels that 4/5 passenger vehicles I saw were some form of SUV, pickup truck, or crossover. Most of them seemed so... unnecessary. I'm not a heavy green advocate, but in this day and age, driving a vehicle like that is...
  6. Qion

    The UK and America

    It seems that with each passing week, I'm introduced to more despise and hatred from British people towards Americans. Whether it be on You Tube, the blogs I frequent, or simply on television, it seems that a fair number of people think America are a bunch of fat ignorant Christians with nothing...
  7. Qion

    Why isn't Leopard utilizing all cores?

    While decompressing a file, I noticed that my system was only using 100% of one of the cores instead of 100% of all four cores. Why wouldn't it use all four and get the job done that much quicker?
  8. Qion

    Apple Special Event March 6th

    So that would be today. Happenings/discussion here...
  9. Qion

    Microsoft, the Zune, Shareholding, etc...

    I've had a lot on my mind recently, I thought I'd put some of it into words. I've been very, very impressed with both Apple and Intel over the past eight years. Throughout all the whining done by both fans of Apple and the mostly self-conscious visceral Vista holdouts, I've had faith in the...
  10. Qion

    Minor Annoyance...

    I know it's not the most important bit about the iPhone, but is anyone else driven mad by the fact you can't see the whole title of videos on YouTube? Also, instead of flippping down as it should, the magnifying glass always gets stuck somewhere half off the screen and tapping and holding on a...
  11. Qion

    MacBook Air - What's the point?

    Apple's new machine is impressive for obvious reasons, but does it really fill any preexisting gap in our market? And at that, a gap larger than the difference between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro? (I feel the iMac is in a class of its own and doesn't really compare to either machine. No...
  12. Qion

    I'd like to fix some things.

    1. It takes 20 bounces plus loading time to launch Illustrator CS3 from startup. 2. Printing is a bastard thing; Illustrator likes to continue "printing" for 10-40 minutes after the separations have spooled. 3. Switching applications while multiple Photoshop and/or Illustrator files are...
  13. Qion

    I bought my first Microsoft product yesterday.

    I decided a couple days ago that instead of clogging up my work computers with assorted video game titles -as I have done in the past-, I would buy a dedicated console. So, this past weekend, I went to Best Buy and did some shopping. I decided that the PS3 was just a bit too niche (a cell...
  14. Qion

    Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

    Has anybody else seen the new iPod touch ad? I think it's brilliant marketing, but what do the parents think? (Ah, and I've just bought their CD. I guess I'm in a strange mood. :p)
  15. Qion

    Happy Halloween

    Lest forget! :)
  16. Qion

    iPhone/iPod touch SDK

    Taken from Apple's start page.
  17. Qion

    iPod touch greyscale inversion plagues iPhone

    That's right... I figured this out after digg-ing around for a while and looking at a greyscale test picture online. My iPhone shows the equivalent of inverted black, which is annoying. I called Apple today and had them send me a box.
  18. Qion

    I have no contract.

    I'm not sure if many know this, but it's not necesary to sign with AT&T for two years in order to own a feature-complete iPhone. They don't advertise it, but I told them that I wanted to have a prepaid plan (something they call a "GoPhone"). I pay the same amount of money every month, and have...
  19. Qion


  20. Qion

    Logic Studio! Looks like way more than anybody would ever need, which is cool... lots of 3D goodies for live performances, enhanced surround sound support, enhanced sound sculpture... nifty!