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    Icon? files

    Guys, Hopefully you can assist. I have recently switched all of my movies and TV Shows from a couple of Drobo disk arrays to a single Synology NAS. One unintended outcome of the data transfer was the fact that now none of my Movie or TV Show folders show their icons anymore. I have moved the...
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    Error: I/o Error (bummers). (-36) On File

    Guys, I'm trying to determine if this is actually a disk issue or not. All of my data is on a drobo disk array. So no single disk issues should cause a disk corruption. About 4 months ago I had a hard drive failure (well 2 actually over a few weeks) Both drives were replaced in situ and all...
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    iScreen removal

    Guys, I need a bit of help. I have a mac mini that I use as a plex media server. Since installation it had a problem refreshing the screen via scrren sharing (it's a headless client). In the past I had used something called iScreen which I installed. Unfortunately this time it didn't...
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    Disk Problems during backups

    Hi Guys, Over the past few weeks I have been having issues with Time Machine. I have a 2Tb drive for time machine. One of the partitions that it backs up is a raid disk with 2 disks in the concat raid disk. One is a 1Tb Firewire device and the other is a 750Gb USB devcie. What happens is...
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    Problem with grep caused me to spot library issue

    Hi Guys, Being a Unix SA I drop to the command line a fair bit on my MAC. The other day I was trying to use grep to grab some stuff from a text file and I got the following message. admin-accounts-imac:~ Dave$ grep http /tmp/dm dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libpcre.0.dylib...
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    Spinning Wheel - Pain in the ar$e

    Guys, Please help. I used to have grief in pages/numbers where the spinning wheel used to appear during normal usage (typing and stuff) and the way to get it to go away was to focus on another window and go back but it was seriously irritating. I stopped noticing it after a while (maybe...
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    winrar password recovery tool

    Guys, I notice that there are a number of password recovery tools for windows but I cannot seem to find one for OSX. Any Ideas ? Regards
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    Filesystem Problems

    Guys, Got a bit of a problem, but not sure of the extent of the problem. Have a drobo disk unit with 2.7Tb of storage on it. Normally use this through the droboshare which makes it a nas device sharing two hfs+ filesystems over samba. Was in the middle of transferring some stuff to...
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    Mac Mini hang during 10.5.7 update

    Guys, Not quite sure what to do. Installed 10.5.7 on my iMac and my Air with no issues. Was running the update onto one of my mac minis and it hung in the "Running Installer Script" bit. After an hour I decided to power cycle which it had no issues with. When I check the OS now it says it...
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    Drobo and DroboShare

    Guys, Just want any comments really. I have had a drobo (1st Gen) for a while now and short of one problem that required a firmware upgrade I have had no real problems with it. I use it to house my media library (TV Shows and Movies) which I play through a couple of Mac Minis to various...
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    USB Woes

    Guys, Can you tell me please what the following message means ? 27/01/2009 18:40:31 kernel USBF: 70466.921 AppleUSBEHCI[0x6c1f800]::Found a transaction past the completion deadline on bus 0xfa, timing out! (Addr: 7, EP: 2) It always seems to be the same Addr: 7 and EP: 2 but I'm not...
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    USB Bus - Any practical limits ?

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd throw this one out there as I have been having some strange problems with my Imac over the past couple of months and I'm getting rather irritated by it. Kit is as follows 24" 2.8Ghz Imac 4Gb Ram (Internal 320Gb drive) USB connection to a Drobo Array USB...
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    Airport Express broke after 7.3.2 upgrad

    Hi Guys, Just before Christmas I installed an Airport Express into my kitchen to connect up to a pair of speakers to play stuff from my itunes catalog. All was working fine without any issues. Move on a couple of days and my imac did it's weekly software update check and it highlighted...
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    ioerror on root disk

    Booting my iMac after a crash the other ( leopard 10.5.6 ) day I came across the problem that the boot sequence would seem to hang. Visibly I would see the apple logo and the spinning bar and it would sit there. Thinking that it may be hardware related I booted up and ran the hardware diags...